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"The Best Service at the Right Price… TODAY!"

Dangers Rats Pose to Your Home & Health

ratsRats aren’t just unsightly. When an infestation occurs, their presence puts your home and your health at risk. What should you be aware of?


Because of their teeth, rats need to chew, and within your home, practically any surface is up for grabs. You’ll start noticing gnaw marks, but they put your safety in danger when the following happens:

  • They chew at wires. You might experience a power outage or, worse, find a fire start inside your home.
  • They go after your insulation. As a result, your home feels colder in winter and warmer in summer.
  • They’ll chew through the roofing material. This not only lets the elements in but further creates a hole for other pests to enter.
  • Rats may nest in your car, particularly when you have a seasonal vehicle that sits in the garage for part of the year. They’ve been known to chew through wires and other components.
  • Rats additionally chew through pipes, leading to leaks in your basement and other areas of your home.
  • They’ve also been known to eat bulbs and seedlings, essentially killing your garden.

Along with the hazards associated, finding the damage requires repairs, be it to your insulation, electrical system, or vehicle. You’ll likely spend a few hundred to over a thousand dollars fixing what rats tore apart.

Bodily Fluids

Did you know that a rat defecates up to 60 times per day? Droppings from an entire colony will end up in your home, potentially contaminating surfaces and even your food.

Too, whenever these pests urinate, a strong odor develops. Over time, you’ll be exposed to and further breathe it in. Worse, rat urine has been known to spread leptospirosis, an infection leading to organ failure.


Rats might be found in large groups, but even alone, these pests are recipes for contamination.

As a major concern, they’re known for spreading salmonella and tapeworms, in addition to tracking in ticks. When you notice one scurrying about, there’s a chance one of these pests might have gotten into your and your pets’ food and could have spread a major illness.

When you see a rat in and around your property, it’s time to get an exterminator. Eliminate ‘Em is available, on call, for same day service, 24-7. Contact our team to schedule an appointment.