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The Dangers of Rats in Your Home


Unless it’s the cute rat in the Disney movie Ratatouille who makes delicious meals, most people do not want to see a rat in their house. Not only are rats unsightly and unsettling, but if they infest your home, their very presence puts your house, and your family’s health, at risk. It’s important to be aware of the dangers that rats can present.

Avoid the Dangers of Rats in Homes

Whether it’s one rat or a colony of rats, these pests cause dangerous contamination. Rats are known for spreading tapeworms and salmonella, in addition to bringing ticks into the home. Unfortunately, if you see a rat in your home, there could be rat danger consequences; these pests could get into your food, or your pet’s food, and spread a major illness.

Rat Dangers: Chewing

Rats have to chew because of their teeth; when they enter a home, any surface area is in danger. You may start noticing gnaw marks, but even worse, they can put you and your home in danger if any of the following occur.

  • Rats may chew at your wiring system. You might experience a power outage or, worse, find a fire starting inside your home.
  • Rats go after your insulation, which can cause your home to feel colder in winter and warmer in summer.
  • Rats pose danger in a home if they chew through the roofing material. This not only lets the elements in, but also further creates a hole for other pests to enter.
  • Rats may nest in your car, particularly when you have a seasonal vehicle that sits in the garage for part of the year. They’ve been known to chew through wires and other components.
  • Rats additionally chew through pipes, leading to leaks in your basement and other areas of your home.
  • Rats have also been known to eat bulbs and seedlings, essentially killing your garden.

There is a long list of rat dangers due to their chewing habits. Along with the hazards listed above, rat damage requires repairs, be it to your insulation, electrical system, or vehicle. The consequences of rat dangers to your home could range from a few hundred to over a thousand dollars fixing what rats tore apart.

Rat Feces Dangers

A rat can defecate up to 60 times per day. If your home has a rat infestation, droppings from an entire rat colony could end up in your home–contaminating surfaces and even your food. Furthermore, whenever rats urinate, it can cause a strong odor. A little known rat damage is that rat urine can spread leptospirosis, an infection leading to organ failure.

When you see a rat in and around your property, it’s time to get an exterminator. Eliminate ‘Em is available, on call, for same day service, 24-7. Contact our team to schedule an appointment.