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"The Best Service at the Right Price… TODAY!"

The Terribly Destructive TERMITE: Don’t Put Off Your Home’s Inspection Any Longer

Every homeowner dreads the thought of termites damaging their home, but it really is a reality we all must face and take action to prevent. Termites can be difficult to detect, but with careful investigation you should be able to find any termite damage and correct the problem before it becomes severe. Regular termite inspections by Eliminate’Em are crucial to detect termite warning signs and apply treatment, if needed. There are, however, signs for homeowners to look for that will give a good indication that termites are indeed with you and immediate action is necessary.

One of the first things we check for during a professional inspection is mud tunnels, termite swarms, or dropped wings. Signs of termites, even if the colony is no longer active, indicate that termite damage may be present.

Tapping on wood around your home especially in areas where you have seen signs of termite activity, is a good indicator. If there is termite damage, the wood will make a hollow sound when it is tapped.

Termite-damaged wood may begin to buckle and sag because it can no longer hold weight. Sagging or crumbling drywall or blistering and buckling paint may indicate that the wood behind is damaged by termites.
Termites will eat any kind of cellulose, not just wood. They may also tunnel through other materials to get to the wood behind. We look for small holes in your home’s sheet rock, plaster or wallpaper.

Frass, the small piles of fecal pellets left by termites are a sure sign of damage.
Hardwood floors and painted wood, such as trim, may be discolored or blistered in areas that have termite damage. This is due to the termites tunneling close to the surface.
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These are termites.