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    Most people think nothing of seeing chipmunks on their property – until it’s too late. Like moles and voles, chipmunks like to burrow underground and wreak havoc on your lawn. Chipmunks are often mistaken for ground squirrels. Although part of the same family, chipmunks are smaller and have distinct black and white stripes in their fur. When you start spotting these pests on your property, contact Eliminate ‘Em.

    Chipmunk Control

    Chipmunks like to create deep burrows for waste and food storage. If you notice pathways in the lawn that are several feet in length, you could be dealing with a chipmunk infestation. Not only can they affect your landscape, chipmunks go after decks and porches too. To keep these pests away:

    • Remove wood piles and vegetation from your landscape where they can take shelter
    • Do not leave food outside – even pet food
    • Regularly check the garden for burrows, chewed or yellowed plants
    • Make sure bird feeders are raised off the ground, away from the house

    Damage by Chipmunks

    Chipmunks are omnivorous, eating almost anything. When they are hungry, chipmunks will go after flowers and plants, bird feeders, fruit trees, grass and more. Take action before your garden gets contaminated and the yard completely ruined.

    Chipmunks do not chew wood, but their burrowing can damage the integrity of wooden structures, not to mention the ground beneath your house.

    Similar to other rodents, chipmunks will chew at your wiring if they make it inside your home. While they sharpen their teeth, your home becomes exposed to an electrical fire.

    Professional Chipmunk Removal

    If you find chipmunks in your garage or under the deck, don’t hesitate to call our family-owned and operated business. Eliminate ‘Em Pest Control has been in business for over 35 years and we guarantee your pest problem will be gone for good!

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