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    Every year, the warmer months bring these stinging summer bugs to backyards throughout New England. There are many different types of wasps that can become a nuisance around the house and call for expert wasp removal.

    Identifying Wasps

    how to get rid of wasps by EliminateEm exterminatorWasps cover a wide swath of species; their appearances are just as varied. Compared to other flying and stinging insects:

    • Wasps generally feature two pairs of wings and a pinched, defined waist. They are black, dark red, metallic green, brown or blue in color and some species may display stripes.
    • Wasps range from a half-inch to 1.5 inches long.
    • They go after particular nesting spots around your home: Eaves, soffits and gutters, as well as eating areas, patios, pools and playground equipment. You might even find them in your attic.
    • While wasps aren’t always pollinators, they’re attracted to flowers and plants and may seek food in sweet, fatty substances, including crumbs, soda and sticky residue in your trash.

    Wasps build their nests from chewed wood or mud, depending on the species and when it comes to getting rid of wasp nests on your own it can be a dangerous task. While they are not outwardly aggressive, colonies become defensive if they sense a disturbance. When in defensive mode, wasps can sting multiple times and potentially triggering an allergic reaction.

    As a group, wasps vary so their behavior won’t be uniform:

    • Some species live in colonies, which individually may harbor thousands of wasps.
    • Other wasps are more solitary, but that doesn’t mean they won’t infest your property. Rather, these wasps lay eggs, which then hatch. Certain species may even be parasitic, using the bodies of caterpillars or spiders to lay their eggs. The larvae then feed on their host.
    • Certain wasps may be predatory, going after other insects and mammals.

    Wasp Nest Removal and Extermination

    It’s never a good idea to tackle wasp removal on your own. Based on the points mentioned above, you could be dealing with an aggressive swarm that goes after you and anyone in the surrounding area.

    While there is a wide range of chemicals on the market that may help you get rid of your wasp control problem, the chemicals used in these pesticides can be harmful to your health. Our methods are safe for humans and pets.

    If you’ve discovered you’re in need of wasp nest removal at your home, your best option is to call a professional wasp exterminator. How can Eliminate ‘Em help?

    • We find all wasp nests on your property, including difficult-to-reach areas below the surface.
    • Our technicians make sure no one is in the surrounding areas before applying an eco-friendly wasp treatment to the nests.
    • Once all colonies have been eliminated, we fully remove all wasp nests to help prevent future wasp infestations.
    • We offer tips for keeping these stinging pests off your property and assist with any long-term wasp pest control. We may address your garbage, landscaping, and other outdoor habits.
    • Per your request, we can arrive in unmarked vans.

    Eliminate ‘Em offers your family safe, quick, and reliable wasp control.

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