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"The Best Service at the Right Price… TODAY!"

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    Nobody wants to see a trail of ants in the kitchen or along the walkway to your home. These tiny pests, such as sugar, pavement and carpenter ants are able to enter homes via the tiniest of cracks! If an ant infestation occurs in your home or property, then taking a DIY approach to complete ant removal and control is an almost impossible task. As a result, working with a professional ant exterminator and pest control expert removes the immediate risk and provides a long-term strategy to prevent future infestations.

    Eliminate ’Em Pest Control Services provide you with fast, professional, courteous service and licensed technicians to handle all of your ant pest control needs. Professional technicians are available to you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to get rid of those pesky ants creating a nuisance or even potentially damage to your home.

    Common Types of Ants

    house sugar ant to be exterminated by Eliminate'Em exterminators

    • Carpenter Ants – carpenter ants range in size from just a quarter inch to an entire inch in length and typically build nests in damp or decaying wood. Professional carpenter ant exterminators help ensure that these pests do not inflict serious damage to walls, door frames and moldings all over your house. Let our professional carpenter ant exterminators help determine what is attracting carpenter ants to your home.
    • Sugar Ants – Sugar ants seek out high-carbohydrate sweet foods, proteins and fats, which means they are generally seen in the kitchen. Professional ant control services that specialize in sugar ant extermination help ensure your pantry remains a safe shelter for your food.and have also been known to consume plant pollen. Even when you clean up spills and residue that could attract these pests, ants’ odor receptors are four to five times as strong as other insects. Thus, trace amounts of these foods may bring on an infestation.
    • Little Black Ants – Little Black Ants are easy to spot, but difficult to identify their colony. As a result, working with a little black ant removal expert will help track the source, which is likely a colony in woodwork or concrete cracks.
    • Pavement Ants – Pavement Ants look like sugar ants, but act more like little black ants because the worker ants leave a trail back to the colony and queen. Working with a pavement ant exterminator helps keep your yard safe and prevent these ants from entering your home.

    Ant Exterminators & Pest Control in CT, MA, NY and RI

    Although ants are increasingly active during spring and their mating season, we all know that ant extermination is a year-round endeavor for our team. As a result, working with a professional ant pest control provider helps provide peace of mind knowing that your home and family remains safe.

    Typically, ant control treatment includes proactive steps, such as:

    • Fully cleaning your kitchen to remove all residue, including sweeping behind appliances and throwing away any garbage
    • Tossing out old food
    • Making sure all food – including pet food – is stored in fully sealed containers
    • Removing any debris and residue from the garbage bin
    • Getting leaky faucets and appliances under control

    When you call Eliminate ‘Em, you’re guaranteed the best ant extermination services at the best price. Our technicians are standing by to rid your home of summer bugs today! Additionally, Eliminate ‘Em offers your family fast, reliable, and safe pest removal. You can call us 24/7 and expect:

    • Knowledgeable, licensed and certified technicians
    • Sealed entry points, so that ants won’t come back in the future
    • Only EPA-approved solutions and products to be used in your home
    • Same-day service – and we’re always on time!

    We’ll also help you build a long-term pest control strategy to prevent the ants from returning!

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