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"The Best Service at the Right Price… TODAY!"

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    ExterminateEm can help get rid of fleas

    Fleas love warm temperatures, making summertime the peak season for flea extermination services. If you’ve noticed the family dog scratching more than usual lately, it could be the first sign of a flea infestation. Fleas can easily hide in the fur of pets, lay eggs inside your home and pass on the dangerous diseases they carry.

    Identifying Fleas

    Fleas have reddish-brown flat bodies measuring one-sixth of an inch long. While they’re able to jump long distances, which is how they end up on your pets, they don’t actually have wings.

    Much like bed bugs, fleas multiply very quickly and are extremely difficult to eradicate. One flea may produce as many as 18 eggs per day! If your pet is dealing with an infestation, they could become the host of 2,000 eggs per week. After over-the-counter treatments, you’ll likely still spot fleas around your home.

    As ectoparasites, they live on the outside of a host’s body and feed on its blood. Once the host goes to sleep, the fleas lay their eggs on “resting” areas. Typically, this pattern occurs outdoors but once a raccoon or mouse host disappears, the fleas may go after a pet or human. Once you bring them inside and they start to feed, fleas turn into an indoor problem.

    Beyond seeing them jump, fleas leave their mark with swollen, itchy bites that may cause an allergic reaction in some people. As with many pests, they can transmit several diseases to humans and pets. If you’ve seen fleas in your home, contact us for expert flea pest control.

    How A Flea Infestation Develops

    In the wild, fleas go after opossums, raccoons and rodents. These pests get close to residential properties and so do fleas, which may hop onto your dog or cat to feed. Away from your pet, eggs may be laid in bedding, cracks around your home, in carpets and behind or under furniture.

    How can you tell you’re dealing with a flea infestation?

    • Your pets repeatedly scratch themselves or look uncomfortable
    • You notice bite marks on yourself and your pets
    • You spot flea waste, including black pepper-like dirt and feces
    • You notice larger adult fleas jumping around your home

    Guaranteed Flea Extermination & Pest Control

    It’s nearly impossible to get rid of fleas on your own. That’s where our professional flea exterminators can help:

    • We identify the species of flea causing the problem
    • We look for potential hosts and other possible sources of food
    • If we find fleas on your pets, we recommend where you can purchase flea control products and offer grooming and bathing tips for future flea control
    • Through chemicals and vacuuming, we get rid of all adult flea populations and treat areas where larvae may be located
    • Our technicians are licensed and certified
    • We only use EPA-approved solutions and products
    • We’ll advise you on ways to keep fleas from returning
    • We’ll seal cracks and gaps where fleas may have passed through into your home
    • Our flea treatment is guaranteed
    • We can schedule follow-up visits to ensure the full flea population has been eliminated

    Our flea exterminators are standing by 24/7 to eliminate your home’s flea problem. We guarantee your family professional, friendly service on the same day as your call. Have you discovered a flea infestation and want to keep your pets safe?

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