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"The Best Service at the Right Price… TODAY!"

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    young couple reacting to a bad smellAfter your home or business is affected by an infestation, getting rid of the pests is only the first step. Once the animals or insects have been removed, Eliminate ‘Em’s team of exterminators will perform a proper cleanup of all waste and debris, then seal entryways where the pests could have entered. We do not leave a job until all traces of the pests have been removed from the property, which involves thorough sanitation and deodorizing services.

    How Sanitation Works

    When the affected areas have been cleared of all pests, we take measures to address any unsanitary conditions and prevent disease from spreading to your family. We take special care to remove all droppings, urine and carcasses that carry harmful bacteria and potentially life-threatening diseases.

    Deodorizing Process

    The next step is to disinfect the filth left behind by these pests. Their unpleasant odor may be deep-rooted in surfaces like your insulation, so we use powerful deodorizer to penetrate the affected areas. Deodorizing also removes a chemical called pheromone which, through its secretion, can attract other pests to a previously inhabited spot.

    What Are the Benefits

    Our prevention-based pest management solutions put your health and safety first! What are the benefits of our sanitation and deodorizing services?

    • Permanent odor elimination
    • Bacteria and disease removal
    • Thoroughly cleaned property
    • Prevention of future infestation

    Developing a Plan

    Pest prevention and maintenance is an ongoing process. Work with Eliminate ‘Em to maintain an effective plan and keep your home or business protected. We offer pre-treatments to keep seasonal pests like ticks and mosquitoes far away, as well as Thermal Acoustical Pest Control Insulation (TAP) to ward off critters with a borate pesticide solution.

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