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    For people, a mole can be a celebrated beauty mark or a health concern. Similarly, moles in your yard can provide benefits like soil aeration and natural pest control, but they can also cause erosion, root damage, an increase in ants and beetles, and impact the overall appearance of your yard, garden, and landscaping efforts. For mole and other wildlife removal or any other pest control and extermination services, contact Eliminate ‘Em today!

    What does a mole look like?

    Mole coming out of ground image from EliminateEm CT animal control exterminator

    The size and appearance of moles varies based on the particular species. Moles are approximately 6 – 12” long, and their fur is a velvety or mohair texture in blue-black or gray shades. While their ears and eyes seem almost invisible, their thin, triangular snout, needle-like teeth, and large flat hands with protruding fingers and claws are some of their distinguishing features.

    What attracts moles?

    Moles are active any time of the day and year, but they are often most present on damp days during the spring and fall. They are primarily attracted to locations based on food source availability and soil features. Here are 5 reasons that your property may be piquing their interest:

    1. Loose soil, like sandy soil, makes burrowing easier.
    2. Your yard has an abundance of insects like worms, grubs, millipedes and ants, as these are some of the mole’s favorite dishes!
    3. Wet lawns, gardens, compost piles, or mulch are great for growth and plant health, but they also equate to restaurants for moles.
    4. Poor lawn maintenance means hiding places and increased food sources.
    5. Nearby wooded areas or fields in relation to your yard essentially create an apartment building with its own food court just for the moles!

    Why consider mole extermination or prevention?

    The signs that moles are present also exemplify the kind of damage that they can do. For the following reasons, you may decide that it’s time to call in your licensed mole removal technicians or execute preventative maintenance.

    1. Moles create visible mounds and tunnels. These structures disturb grass and plants in gardens and yards.
    2. They don’t actually eat plants, but their subterranean moves can damage the root systems. This factor may account for a sudden loss of plant life.
    3. For those who take pride in a pristine lawn, moles will make themselves known with their molehills and interfere with your lawn’s clean lines and well-groomed appearance.
    4. Their underground burrowing might actually increase the presence of ants and beetles, which can damage growing plants and other landscaping efforts.
    5. Although it is fairly uncommon, moles can carry parasites and diseases that may be hazardous to people and pets on your property.

    For help determining if the negative impacts of mole intrusion outweigh any of the positives, your mole removal and prevention providers can help you consider options and solutions. Contact us for a free estimate or schedule an inspection today!

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