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    Have you been plagued by more mosquito bites than usual? Are you unable to enjoy an evening on your patio because of the flies? When other insects seem to be taking over your outdoor space, the presence of bats may be most welcome. After all, these insects are often included in a bat’s preferred meal. Although bats may seem like a natural solution for dealing with these pests, they pose their own set of health and environmental dangers. Instead, choose bat extermination and removal by the pest and wildlife control professionals at Eliminate ‘Em.

    In several states, it is illegal to kill bats, and they may be protected in order to preserve the local ecosystem and safeguard some of the more endangered bat species. Accordingly, our bat extermination services provide bat removal and destruction of all bat hiding places, sealing off of potential entry points, and other prevention and routine maintenance. As such, the bat removal process requires particular expertise and may call for multiple visits to avoid harm to the bats. With service areas throughout CT, RI western MA and parts of New York, Eliminate ‘Em is ready to help you address your bat problem today and to prevent one from happening in the future.

    Signs You May Need Bat Exterminators or Removal Services

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    As the years pass, bat dwellings like trees and caves continue to decrease. Consequently, bats have become interested in other living accommodations, especially those that are dark and infrequently disturbed. Attics, chimneys, and other spaces in your home can become prime residences for bats. Although they may seem too big to infiltrate easily, crevices of even an inch may provide enough space for their entry. Don’t be fooled by the movies! Bats flying toward or around you aren’t the only indication of their presence. The signs below may point toward a bat problem, but they are sometimes attributed to other intruders. Therefore, the best option for correct diagnosis and resolution is to contact Eliminate ‘Em, if one or more of these potential signs is seen or heard.

    • Piles of feces that are often pellet-shaped near nests or under eaves and similar structures. (Often mistaken for rodent waste, but insect wing pieces may indicate bats)
    • Nests of leaves, twigs and other debris
    • Stains on windows, around openings or even on exterior surfaces like siding, which may be oily in appearance or a white or very dark, almost black in color
    • Strong musky odor from excrement
    • Sounds of squeaking, scratching or fluttering from movement into and out of residence or within attic, chimneys or walls
    • Bats in flight around your property, typically at dusk or dawn

    If you identify or even suspect a bat issue, contact experienced bat removal providers immediately.

    Why Work with a Professional Bat Removal Specialist

    Although bats don’t cause the kind of structural damage for which pests like termites or squirrels are known, they wreak their own kind of havoc on your property. Their nests can cause issues such as compromised air flow or water damage. The urine and droppings from bats can also result in discoloration or damage to roofing material or wood. Most concerningly, bats have been known to spread these diseases which may have life-threatening consequences:

    • Rabies
    • Histoplasmosis, a disease affecting the lungs and other organs
    • Hemorrhagic fevers
    • Nipah and Hendra viruses
    • Coronaviruses, a condition resulting in mild respiratory illnesses
    • Lyssaviruses, a virus which later causes rabies

    Furthermore, bat droppings attract other pests such as roaches, mites and other arthropods which can also bring diseases into the home.

    Professional Bat Extermination, Removal & Prevention in CT, NY, RI & MA


    Don’t run the risk of being exposed to rabies or other health hazards by trying to capture a bat on your own. Even if you manage to remove that particular bat from your attic, others may still be residing in and around your home. Let our professional bat removal team handle your bat issues in order to save you time and stress and to protect you and your loved ones. Our licensed and certified experts will provide these services:

    • Remove any bats currently residing in your home
    • Locate and seal any entrances that bats are using
    • Provide professional sanitation services to clear out odors and waste

    In addition to our bat removal and sanitation and deodorizing protocols, our pest control and extermination professionals can also collaborate with you on the exclusion and abatement measures and other prevention services needed to deter bats. Here are some frequent recommendations :

    • Repair any damage or openings in the eaves, roof or chimney that may serve as entry points
    • Identify and seal any accessible openings
    • Control food sources, like mosquitoes
    • Remove potential nesting or roosting areas

    For bat extermination and removal services or preventative maintenance, connect with your local Eliminate ’Em technicians. For same-day service or scheduled inspections, contact or call us at (866) 802-7378 today.