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"The Best Service at the Right Price… TODAY!"

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    Bats play a crucial part in our ecosystem, controlling mosquitoes and other insects. But, once in your home, they turn into a serious hazard. Although you may be expecting bats to fly into your hair or suck your blood, in reality:

    • Their presence exposes you to bat droppings, also referred to as guano. Significant accumulation gives off an ammonium-like scent and attracts spores that are responsible for histoplasmosis, an infection caused by fungus.
    • Their urine is known to soak through and ruin insulation.
    • They attract moisture, which them causes damage to wood and siding.
    • In very rare occasions, bats carry rabies and may expose you to this disease through a bite or scratch.

    For these reasons, it’s essential to work with Eliminate ‘Em to remove bats from your home. When it comes to bat control and exclusion, what can we do?

    Pay Attention to the Season

    Our professional staff takes a humane approach to pest control. Specifically, we remove and exclude the bats at certain times of the year, per local, state and federal guidelines, with eco-friendly methods. Spring, specifically from mid-April through May, is ideal, as the bats have awakened from hibernation but haven’t yet started to reproduce. During this time, our team removes the bats and sets up a complete exclusion system, complete with a one-way door.

    Throughout the rest of the year, we take a different approach. You do not want the bats and their young completely sealed inside your home, so we close off roughly 90 percent of your house. The bats can escape and we complete the job at the appropriate time of year.

    Cleaning Up Your Home

    As with all pests, some degree of damage is expected. Once the bats have been completely removed, we’ll help out with any related repairs, including:

    • Cleaning up or removing any contaminated materials.
    • Getting rid of droppings and urine-soaked insulation.
    • Restoring your attic.
    • Removing bat carcasses and nests.

    Bat Exclusion Systems

    Depending on your situation and the season, we can keep the bats out through a combination of the following methods:

    • Exclusion Systems: Mesh netting and a door let the bats leave but block them from returning. After your home is completely bat-free, we seal off this entrance.
    • Bat Houses: After exclusion, bats may still attempt to return to your attic. A bat house offers a transitional solution: While they cannot enter your dwelling, this structure offers temporary shelter until they move on.
    • Sealing the Gaps: Bats only need a hole the size of a dime to squeeze through. For permanent exclusion, we assess your home’s exterior, including the corners, louvers, siding, screens and air conditioners for these gaps, cracks and openings, and seal off the holes. We also check for structural defects that could potentially allow bats to re-enter your home.

    For complete bat control and exclusion, keep them out with Eliminate ‘Em. Give us a call today at 1-866-802-7378 to set up an appointment today.