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"The Best Service at the Right Price… TODAY!"

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    When you’re enjoying a nice day outside, going for a hike or lounging in the lawn, we’re sure the furthest thing from your mind is ticks. However, when you are in the forest or an area with tall grass, it’s very common for a tick to latch onto your skin. These small spider-like summer bugs feed on blood, so you or your pets become the perfect target! How can you protect your family from ticks, and how can you tackle tick prevention in the first place?

    Tick Control & Prevention Plans

    At the first sign of a tick infestation, contact Eliminate ‘Em Pest Control to schedule an inspection. One of our experienced tick exterminators will come to your home or business to assess the area for signs of ticks. The most common way ticks make their way indoors is by latching onto pets and rodents. Stray wildlife that roam the yard at night could also be carrying ticks. From there, the ticks could latch onto your clothing or pets when you spend time outside, at this point tick yard treatment is a must.

    Once we discover the root of the problem, our team will develop a personalized plan for tick control in your yard. We may advise you to trim the landscape and remove any bird or rodent nesting materials that could be attracting the pests. While spending time outdoors, always wear bug spray and make sure the body is covered if you’re going into the woods or grass.

    We can also spray the yard with EPA-approved insecticide to deter the ticks from coming back. This tick prevention method is completely safe to be used around humans and pests.

    Why Are Ticks Present?

    Ticks prefer to nestle, whether that’s in grass, nesting materials or animal fur. Your home or business may be more susceptible to infestation if the landscape is not well-groomed. Tall grass and shrubbery can also attract small rodents, who carry ticks into your yard. Trimming the lawn and installing gravel barriers around the property helps deter ticks, who are looking to infest vegetated areas. If you’ve spotted ticks in your yard, it may be time for professional tick control.

    The licensed technicians at Eliminate’ Em provide fast, professional, and courteous tick control services in your area!

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