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"The Best Service at the Right Price… TODAY!"

Top 9 Most Common Summer Bugs

As spring turns into summer and temperatures rise, certain summer bugs thrive. Warmer weather means that pests can become more active–especially as your lawn grows and these summer pests are drawn to your grass and flowers. Increased moisture in the summer months, with summer showers and high humidity, allow pests to have more access to water. Don’t forget that longer days mean more time in daylight for pests to be active and find food!

As you prepare for the summer, here are the most common summer bugs you will encounter, along with some helpful summer pest prevention techniques.

  1. Mosquitoes & Proper Mosquito Pest Control Treatment

Mosquitos & Proper Mosquito Pest Control Treatment

People think they know how to handle mosquito pest control with bug zappers, citronella candles, and bug spray, but think again! Mosquitoes are a constant presence during summer months–especially during rainy seasons–and they leave itchy and painful red marks. These summer bugs can even expose you to different viruses and fever. To avoid painful and even dangerous consequences, look around your yard and home for mosquito breeding grounds and opportunities for mosquito treatment. You do not want mosquitos ruining the fun of warm summer days and nights.

It is important to be aware of where mosquitoes lay eggs and hatch. Mosquitoes lay eggs in stagnant water, such as ponds, puddles, and birdbaths; once these eggs hatch, new mosquitoes find their food supply in that same water, lay eggs, and the cycle is repeated. As you look around your yard and home to identify areas for mosquito treatment, consider rotting wood, sprinkler systems, potted plants, wading pools, trash cans and recycling bins, and even drainage systems.

As you consider mosquito pest control treatment, keep in mind that mosquitoes hide in tall grass. A smart mosquito pest control technique is to cut your grass so that it’s no more than 3 inches high and to trim your bushes and plants.

Finally, mosquitos look for small cracks to enter your home. Some helpful mosquito treatment plans include repairing any holes or cracks in screens, creating seals with all doors and windows, and keeping garage doors closed.

If you have used these mosquito treatments but they keep coming back, it’s time to get a professional mosquito exterminator to help rid your property of these summer bugs. Contact Eliminate ‘Em for same-day service for mosquito pest control!

  1. Bees & Bee Exterminators

Bees & Bee Exterminators

Peoples’ fears of bees can be so extreme that upon an initial sighting, they may want to immediately call for a bee exterminator. While bees do provide benefits to the environment, they are inconvenient and sometimes dangerous if a person experiences an allergic reaction to a bee sting. You do not want these stinging bugs to ruin the beautiful evenings spent outside!

If you see a bee hovering around roofs or underneath a porch during summer months, it is usually a carpenter bee. They have a black tail section; males have yellow faces and females have black faces. The name “carpenter bee” comes from the fact that this specific species builds their nests into wood or other structural timber. They can also nest in sheds, houses, and other structures. If you see these bees around your house or hard, it’s time to call a bee exterminator for bee control and removal.

Carpenter bee damage can be dangerous and create serious problems if bee control treatments are not administered. If there are many of these bees, they can create tunnels and nests in the same piece of wood, thus weakening it and exposing it to fungi or other insects, such as carpenter ants. It’s important to apply treatments for bee control as soon as bees are spotted in your home or yard area.

Eliminate ‘Em Pest Control Services can provide you with their professional service and licensed experts to handle all of your bee control requests. If bees are an issue, our team of bee exterminators can conduct the following bee control strategies:

  • Bee control treatment to prevent further nesting activity
  • Perimeter treatments
  • Sealing off common points or sites to your home
  • Capturing and relocating bees
  • Reducing use of pesticides
  • Repairs to any areas damaged by carpenter bees

Eliminate ‘Em offers free estimates and same-day services for carpenter bee pest control; professional technicians are available 24 hours, 7 days a week, to get rid of any summer bugs that are causing damage or nuisance to you and your home.

  1. Ants & Ant Pest Control

Ants & Ant Pest Control

No one wants ants taking over their summer cookouts or homes. These summer bugs, which include pavement, sugar, and carpenter ants, can enter a home through the tiniest crack. If ants infest your home, you will need an expert’s help for ant pest control. Eliminate ‘Em offers pest control services to remove the immediate problem and to provide long-term strategies to avoid future problems with these summer pests.

To be proactive with ant control, it’s important to be aware of the most common types of ants that can cause problems in your home.

  • Carpenter ants can range from the size of a quarter inch to an entire inch. They typically build their nests in damp or decaying wood. If you’ve had a rainy summer, be on the lookout. Ant pest control experts can help avoid potential damage to walls, moldings, and door frames caused by carpenter ants.
  • Little black ants are easy to spot but it is difficult to identify where they come from. An ant pest control expert can help identify where the colony is coming from–probably from woodwork or concrete cracks–and provide ant control solutions.
  • Sugar ants look for high-carbohydrate sweet foods, proteins, and fats, so they are typically found in your kitchen. They would love the food you serve for your summer cookouts. Even if you clean up your kitchen, even trace amounts of food can attract sugar ants because they have strong odor receptors. Professional ant pest control technicians specialize in sugar ant control solutions to avoid potential infestations.
  • Pavement ants look similar to sugar ants but are actually more like black ants because they establish colonies. Work with an ant control expert to exterminate these ants and prevent them from entering your home.

These summer bugs become increasingly active as the temperature rises. Eliminate ‘Em provides year-round ant control support to help you and your home be safe. In order to be proactive, consider the following ant pest control tactics:

  • Throw out old food
  • Make sure all food is in sealed containers
  • Repair any leaky faucets or appliances
  • Clean out your kitchen to remove any garbage and residue–including behind appliances
  • Remove any debris or residue from garbage and/or recycling bins

Eliminate ‘Em expert technicians are available 24/7 to help you with ant pest control; we offer you fast, safe, and reliable pest removal of these irritating summer bugs.

  1. Wasps & Wasp Exterminators

Wasps & Wasp Exterminators

Wasps are a common summer stinging insect because they are attracted to the warmer temperatures. New England backyards are a popular location for wasps during the summer. Wasp control can be dangerous, so it’s important to identify different types of wasps and contract an expert wasp removal company if you see them flying around or find a wasp’s nest.

There are approximately 30,000 identified species of wasps. Wasps are typically a half-inch to 1.5 inches long and have two pairs of wings and a pinched, defined waist. They are black, dark red, brown, metallic green, or blue in color and some species can display stripes. Wasps are attracted to certain places in your home to build their nests: eaves, gutters, attics, and soffits, as well as eating areas, patios, pools, and playground equipment. Wasps build their nests from chewed wood or mud. Wasps can become defensive if they sense a disturbance; they can sting multiple times and potentially cause an allergic reaction. During summers in New England, people spend a lot of time eating and playing outside; don’t let wasps ruin your family’s fun.

Please do not attempt wasp control on your own; it is important to contact an expert wasp exterminator for safe and successful removal. Stores do offer different chemicals for wasp control, but the chemicals can be harmful to you. Eliminate ‘Em’s wasp control methods are safe for humans and pets.

If you need a wasp exterminator, Eliminate ‘Em offers the following wasp control strategies:

  • Locate all wasp nests on your property
  • Confirm no one is in the area before applying eco-friendly wasp treatments to the nests
  • Remove all nests to help prevent future wasp infestations once the colonies have been eliminated
  • Provide tips for proactive wasp control to keep them off your property and assist with long-term wasp pest control.

Don’t let these nasty summer pests ruin your summer; contact Eliminate ‘Em to be your safe, quick, and efficient wasp exterminator.

  1. Hornets & Hornet Nest Removal

Hornets & Hornet Nest Removal

In late summer, as temperatures begin to rise, hornets begin to hatch; these dangerous summer bugs should not be ignored. Hornet nests can grow to be as large as a basketball and can hold over 100 aggressive hornets. Hornet nest removal should only be done by professional hornet exterminators to keep everyone safe and to ensure that the nest has been completely removed.

As you enjoy the warm summer sun outdoors, it is important to be able to identify hornets. In the United States, there are two species: European hornets, which are bigger than yellow jackets and have a long yellow body with brown-striped abdomen and reddish-brown faces, and Bald-faced hornets, which look similar to yellow jackets but are larger and have white markings on their face, thoracic, and abdomen. It’s important to know that European hornets are active at night, as well as during the day.

Both species can sting multiple times to protect themselves and their colonies. European hornets’ stingers don’t detach right away, so if you feel or see the stinger, be sure to remove it quickly to stop the release of venom. Hornets have been known to squirt venom at potential aggressors, which can cause temporary blindness or a serious allergic reaction. If a hornet exterminator does not treat your property, hornets can cause visible property damage by scraping trees and accessing sap, thus harming your yard’s vegetation. Hornet nest removal is crucial to ensure the safety of your family and friends.

Be proactive by being aware of how a hornet infestation develops because they are a hazard once they begin to build nests around your property. They go after sweet, sugary, foods, so be sure to clean out any trash cans, recycling bins, food containers, and drink containers. Hornets also build nests around fencing and shrubs. They begin making paper nests in the spring. Keep an eye out for certain signs that you need to call a professional hornet exterminator for nest removal such as seeing  large worker hornets around your property, locating nests in trees, near or around a porch or attic, and finding hornets scraping away thin layers of wood from fences, porches, logs, or other unvarnished wood.

It is important that to conduct safe and reliable hornet nest removal, you contact a professional hornet exterminator. Eliminate ‘Em will provide an expert opinion regarding safe hornet nest removal and safe hornet pest control services, including:

  • Education about hornet habits and why hornet nest removal is important
  • Removal of the hornets once locating all the nests on your property
  • Information to prevent future hornet infestation

Please contact Eliminate ‘Em as your professional hornet exterminator so that you can enjoy the summer months without fear of these aggressive summer pests.

  1. Ticks & Proper Tick Control

Ticks & Tick Control

Ticks thrive in warm, humid environments because of the heat and moisture in the air. Ticks feed on blood so they are attracted to places with a variety of hosts, including humans, pets, birds, and amphibians. Don’t let these summer bugs ruin your plans or celebrations. Keep an eye out for ticks–they are small, tear-drop shaped arachnids that are reddish-brown in color–and contact a tick exterminator if you spot ticks in your home or on your pet, your family members, or yourself.

To be proactive with tick control, it is important to be able to identify what ticks look like. They are black or brown and have eight legs. While they are arachnids, unlike spiders, they are small. Most are no larger than the tip of a needle. Ticks feed on blood to grow and reproduce; they can sense breath, heat, body odor, or vibrations to find a warm-blooded host. Then, they use their hook-legs to latch on, puncture a hole, and feed.

Summer is the prime breeding season for ticks for a variety of reasons. These summer bugs can usually be found in dry and hot climates, high grasses, and logs. They can survive in temperatures above 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Ticks also thrive in the summer because they have more opportunities to find warm-blooded hosts. We and our pets are usually outdoors, in gardens, in grassy areas, or in forests.

Tick control is critical because ticks can spread diseases. They carry and transmit multiple diseases at a time, which can be harmful to humans and to pets. When a tick bites a host, the host’s body reacts to the proteins injected by the tick and produces a red, raised area that can look like a bull’s eye. These areas do not go away after a few days. Sometimes, in more extreme cases, people can develop a rash at the site and experience symptoms within 3-12 days that feel like arthritis, flu, or fever. Please seek out medical attention if these symptoms do not go away.

Tick control is critical to everyone’s health and safety. If these pests are present in or around your home, Eliminate ‘Em pest control can provide you with a fast, safe, and reliable tick exterminator. Tick control services include:

  • Surveying your property
  • Using environmentally friendly tick removal solution on your property and surrounding woods
  • Repairing crevices and gaps, cutting grass to a shorter length, removing leaves and brush, and removing any bird or rodent nests to create a less-inviting environment for ticks
  • Helping you set up a barrier with wood chips or gravel to separate your lawn from any wooded areas
  • Providing tips for tick control and prevention
  • Inspecting your property once a month during tick season

If you, a loved one, or a pet is bitten by a tick, it is time to call a professional tick exterminator; please call Eliminate ‘Em Pest Control Services for same-day service and free estimates for tick control and extermination services. Get rid of these dangerous summer bugs.

  1. Flies & Fly Exterminators

Flies & Fly Exterminators

An infestation of flies can ruin playing on a playground, hosting a cookout in your backyard, or just enjoying a warm summer evening outside. Flies can be found where food can ferment and decay. Summer months are ideal for flies because the heat accelerates decomposition; their food resources become even more abundant in the summer. The most common variety of these summer bugs in our area are house flies, which account for almost 90% of fly infestations. Be proactive with fly control to avoid ruining your summer plans!

Adult flies are 8-12 millimeters in length and gray in color with four black stripes along their thorax. Female house flies lay up to 150 batches of eggs at one time. Your meals, pet food, and trash cans are all sources of nourishment for these nearly indestructible pests. If you see flies in your home, it may be time to call a fly exterminator.

While flies are attracted to your garbage, it is important to fully inspect your home and surrounding property. You’ll notice them on the floor, walls, and ceilings of your home. Outdoors, they are everywhere. Fly control requires that you keep trash contained in closed bins and pick up all pet waste.

Not only can flies be annoying as you enjoy the summer days and evenings, but they also are disease carriers. They transmit pathogens, which can threaten a person’s health with several dangerous viruses and infections. It is important to be proactive and call a fly exterminator if flies become a problem for you. Eliminate ‘Em can provide fast and reliable fly control solutions to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to get these summer pests under control and out of your house.

  1. Yellow Jackets & Safe Yellow Jacket Nest Removal

Yellow Jackets & Yellow Jacket Nest Removal

Yellow jackets are a common sight during summer months–and even into fall. They can become dangerous once they have found food and built a nest on your property. If you have spotted yellow jackets around your home, it is time to call a yellow jacket exterminator for expert nest removal. You do not want these summer bugs to ruin your time outdoors with friends and family.

Yellow jackets look like bees because they are black and yellow, but they are not the same stinging pest. Yellow jackets are part of the wasp species and are thinner and smaller than bees. They are scavengers and eat meat, meat, and sugary foods. Yellow jacket nests are also different from bee nests because they are ball-shaped with a paper-like surface and an opening at the bottom. Their nests can be built either above or below ground and can hold as many as 15,000 yellow jackets. If yellow jackets sense a disturbance, they will sting to defend themselves. They can sting someone multiple times and the stings can sometimes require medical attention.

A yellow jacket colony grows over the summer and by the fall, the colony usually contains 1,000 workers. If the infestation is not dealt with, the current colony produces next year’s queen before their winter hibernation. Cold weather does not reduce these pests and you could face even more infestations once the spring comes.

Look for nests around the following locations on your property, such as:

  • Trash cans and recycling bins
  • In or underneath sheds
  • On or below shrubs, trees, or bushes
  • Attics
  • Abandoned rodent tunnels
  • Structural voids in your home

Inside your home, yellow jackets can chew through drywall and enter your rooms. If you need yellow jacket nest removal, call Eliminate ‘Em for inspection and yellow jacket exterminator services.

Eliminate ‘Em provides fast and reliable yellow jacket nest removal services. Our expert yellow jacket exterminators will:

  • Survey your property and house to identify all yellow jacket nests
  • Exterminate yellow jackets using EPA-approved methods that are not dangerous to your health
  • Help with any pest-related waste
  • Identify opportunities for yellow jackets to colonize around your property
  • Provide you with information to avoid future infestations of these summer pests

Professional yellow jacket exterminators are available to help you 24/7 to provide reliable and thorough yellow jacket nest removal services.

  1. Bed Bugs & Proper Bed Bug Removal

Bed Bugs & Bed Bug Removal

Don’t let your summer get ruined by bed bugs. These common New England pests can infest almost any piece of furniture in your home and could cover you in irritating bite marks. Bed bug infestations are connected to travel. You can keep a clean home, but once you open your suitcase in a hotel, you risk bed bugs attaching to your items–even during the winter. You can also pick up bed bugs whenever you encounter people: at school, dorms, public transportation, and more. When the bed bugs return home with you, they will infest your home. Bed bug removal is very difficult but Eliminate ‘Em technicians are here to help with bed bug pest control solutions.

Bed bugs are very small and hide in clutter and mattresses; they could be in your home for a while without you even noticing. As a result, these pests are not ordinary summer bugs.

  • They require a warm-blooded person or animal to survive. Bed bugs feast on the blood of their host, and after the feeding process, they might not return for days or weeks.
  • They do not die quickly; they mature in 36 days and can live for 12 months.
  • Female bed bugs can reproduce about 1,000 eggs over the course of three months.
  • It is difficult to notice bed bugs because they are so small. They are small, flat, and narrow, which means they can get through the cracks of mattresses, bedding, bed frames, carpets, floorboards, and cupboards.
  • Bed bugs find warm, dark places.

Keep an eye out for the following signs that signal that you need bed bug pest control and removal immediately:

  • You develop a rash that looks like fleas or mosquito bites.
  • Your skin has raised welts, has a burning or itching sensation, and a line of bites in a specific area.
  • In addition to a bed bug rash, you notice blood on your sheets and bedding material.
  • You see their fecal stains on your mattress or furniture.
  • You notice bed bug skis and exoskeletons on your mattress and/or furniture.

If your home has an infestation of bed bugs, it is critical that you contact an expert for bed bug removal. Eliminate ‘Em technicians will provide safe, reliable bed bug pest control and extermination by conducting the following bed bug removal steps:

  • Surveying your home so that technicians can find all the bed bugs. We will go through all your furniture, mattresses, rugs, bedding, clutter, drapes, cracks, and crevices to check for eggs, fecal stains, and shells with our bed bug removal detection tools.
  • Exterminating the pests with a combination of steam, freezing, and EPA-approved pesticides.
  • Removing all bed bugs and offering techniques to avoid future infestations, such as controlling clutter, sealing cracks, and encasing mattresses.

Eliminate ‘Em offers same-day service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we can arrive in unmarked vans to provide discrete service, upon request. Our bed bug removal experts can provide safe and efficient bed bug pest control services; don’t suffer alone. We can help rid your home of these summer bugs.