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    In communities throughout New England and across the county, bed bugs are an increasing concern. Although bed bugs are a problem that can emerge anywhere and at any time of year including wintertime, they are generally thought of as a summer bug because they the chances of encountering them may be greater due to increased travel frequency. Even after just one night of sleep in that beautiful oceanside suite, people may wake to find unsightly and irritating bite marks due to bed bugs. As reinforced by the National Pest Management Association, checking for bed bugs during trips and at home is essential. To help understand these pervasive pests, the following provides an overview and how Eliminate ‘Em’s exterminator and pest control providers can help you with any bed bug concerns!


    From schools to movie theaters to cruise ships, there are many places where you can pick up bed bugs, and several factors that increase your chances of bed bug exposure. These tiny critters can hide in furniture, dirty laundry, accumulated clutter or cracks in the wallpaper, so even those who work or live in a specific location may not be aware of a bed bug presence! Consequently, contacting professional bed bug pest control specialists is necessary because bed bugs are unlike many other ordinary pests. Here’s why:

    • Body heat and carbon dioxide indicate the presence of a warm-blooded host like a person or animal, who the bed bugs can feed on. After the feeding process, they can survive for days or even weeks without another meal.
    • Bed bugs don’t die quickly, and their population can grow rapidly. Even if they are feeding infrequently, they can live for several months, and just one female bed bug can produce as many as 20 eggs after a single meal, according to the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.
    • Notoriously difficult to see, bed bugs may only become known to their human hosts if they are spotted in groups or due to feeding remnants like blood spots or fecal stains.

    Want to safeguard your home against bed bugs? Start by downloading our helpful information sheet or reviewing our tips for protecting your home from bed bugs:

    Signs That You Need a Bed Bug Exterminator

    No one wants to discover a bed bug problem, so it may be tempting to discount some potential signs of bed bugs as more common issues, like a bit of dirt or minor skin irritation. However, the longer you wait to deal with a bed bug infestation the more that this problem can grow. Consequently, if you see bed bugs or discover the following signs of bed bugs in your residential, commercial, or industrial location, it’s time to call Eliminate ‘Em’s professional bed bug exterminators.

    • Bed bug skins and exoskeletons on mattresses, furniture creases, drapes, or any other potential hiding spot
    • Dark-colored fecal stains or blood spots on your mattress or bedding
    • Raised and inflamed welts that are itchy and organized in clusters or lines of bites in a localized area, like the neck or hand

    For pest prevention and maintenance or bed bug inspections, treatment costs, and extermination preparation, contact your local Eliminate ‘Em team today!

    How to Find CT Bed Bug Pest Control Near Me?

    Bed bugs must be handled by an expert extermination team. The Eliminate ‘Em bed bug pest control professionals are here to provide you with the inspection services, treatments, and prevention recommendations that you need right when you need them. Here is what you can expect from our skilled technicians:

    • Our bed bug exterminators do a comprehensive survey of your home. To make sure that we know where all the bed bugs are hiding, we’ll go through all of the mattresses, furniture, rugs, bedding, drapes, and clutter, along with checking any cracks and crevices with detection tools for eggs, fecal stains, and shells. We’ll also provide preparation recommendations for your upcoming bed bug extermination service, though you can preview some of these suggestions here in both English and Spanish.
    • Once we have determined a specific extermination plan for your unique property, we will use a variety of measures, such as EPA-approved pesticides, to treat your bed bug problem. Our process often begins with the removal of any visible bed bugs and continues with the elimination of hidden critters and eggs.
    • At the conclusion of this initial service and as part of our bed bug extermination treatment cost, we will then offer solutions for preventing future bed bug infestations such as exclusion and sealing measures or cleaning recommendations.

    We understand how stressful worrying about bed bugs or other insect and animal intruders can be, so Eliminate Em’s extermination team offers same-day service and is available 24/7 on 365 days a year. We can also use unmarked vans upon request for the most discreet service. Most importantly, we will use our vast industry expertise and resources to address any bed bug problem quickly and efficiently and help ensure that these pests don’t return.

    Don’t wait for bed bugs to arrive or just hope that you can control any existing infestation on your own. Instead, let the pest professionals at Eliminate ‘Em help you achieve your goal of a bed bug-free home. Contact us here or call us at 1-866-802-7378 for Immediate Bed Bug Pest Control Services!

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