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    Bed bugs have become a very big problem from Connecticut to New York. These summer bugs can dwell in just about any furniture object in your home. After a night’s sleep, you could end up covered in unsightly and irritating bite marks, especially during the warmer months. Heat and humidity during summer and early fall does appear to increase bed bug activity, making peak season for bed bugs June through October.

    Eliminate ‘Em Offers Bed Bug Extermination in CT

    At one point, bed bug infestations were associated with crowded, dilapidated buildings. While this problem appeared to fade for a few decades during the 20th century, they returned in the 1990s – likely correlated with increased travel.

    You can keep the cleanest home possible yet, once you open your suitcase on the floor at a hotel, you risk bed bugs attaching to your things, even during the winter. Once they come back with you, they infest your pristine house in no time – and are extremely hard to eradicate.

    How You Ended Up With Bed Bugs and Need Beg Bug Pest Control

    The fact is, you can pick up bed bugs from any place you come into contact with people, including schools, dormitories, movie theaters and public transit. Without you noticing, they can latch onto your clothing and come back home with you. These critters are very small, hiding in mattresses and clutter, where their presence may be unknown for quite some time. Bed bugs are even known to be attracted to dirty laundry.

    Bed bugs are unlike ordinary pests:

    • They require the blood of a warm-blooded person or animal to survive. Body heat and carbon dioxide indicate the presence of a host. After the feeding process, they might not return for days or weeks.
    • They don’t die quickly. Instead, they mature in 36 days and live as long as 12 months, feeding fairly infrequently.
    • They spread very quickly. One female bed bug can reproduce about 1,000 eggs over the course of three months.
    • You don’t notice them. Their small, flat and narrow size easily slips through the cracks of mattresses, as well as bedding, bed frames, other furniture, carpets, floor boards and clutter. You might spot one if you look closely, but you typically only see them in groups. Their blood or fecal stains may also signal their presence.
    • In general, bed bugs seek out dark, warm places. Aside from spots in your bedroom, they may congregate in drywall, lighting and other fixtures – basically any place humans or pets sit.

    Signs of Bed Bugs

    How can you tell you’re dealing with a bed bug infestation and not a typical rash?

    • You notice their skins and exoskeletons on your mattress and furniture.
    • You spot dark-colored fecal stains on your mattress and bedding.
    • In addition to the rash, you notice blood stains on your sheets and beddings.
    • The rash you get resembles a flea or mosquito bite.
    • Your skin has raised welts, has a burning or itching sensation and features lines of bites in a localized area.

    Bed Bug Removal

    Bed bugs are impossible to get rid of on your own. You’re going to need an expert exterminator to handle your home’s infestation. The Eliminate ‘Em family guarantees you fast, safe and reliable bed bug extermination.

    • Our exterminators do a comprehensive survey of your home, so we know where all the bed bugs are hiding. We’ll go through all mattresses, furniture, rugs, bedding, drapes and clutter, checking all cracks and crevices with detection tools for eggs, fecal stains and shells.
    • Once we begin to exterminate the pests, we may use a combination of steam, freezing and EPA-approved pesticides. Our team starts by removing the visible bed bugs, then treats all areas to go after hidden critters and any eggs.
    • After we remove all bed bugs, we offer solutions for preventing future infestations: Encasing mattresses, controlling clutter, sealing cracks, modifying windows and doors and showing you how to correctly clean bedding.
    • We offer same-day service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    • We offer discreet service in unmarked vans at your request
    • Only EPA-approved products & methods will be used in your home
    • Our bed bug removal services are guaranteed
    • Our friendly and knowledgeable bed bug exterminators will get rid of your home’s bed bugs and make sure they don’t come back.

    Don’t continue to suffer with bed bugs or believe you can control the problem on your own. To work toward a bed bug-free home, call us at 1-866-802-7378 for Immediate Bed Bug Extermination Service.

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