"The Best Service at the Right Price… TODAY!"
"The Best Service at the Right Price… TODAY!"

Bed Bug Extermination: The Importance of Action and Treatment Preparation

Have you noticed signs of a bed bug infestation, like bites, or blood stains and rust-colored spots on bedding, mattresses and other furniture? Are you worried that the bites on your own skin or the eggs, egg shells and shed skins that you have been finding may be from bed bugs? Do not hesitate a moment longer! Call the pest control professionals at Eliminate ‘Em for bed bug extermination today.

Reasons Why You Need to Contact A Bed Bug Extermination Specialist

Contacting an experienced bed bug extermination provider, like Eliminate ‘Em, can help you reduce your potential for experiencing a bed bug infestation. If a bed bug extermination is needed, a pest specialist can develop a treatment plan aimed at resolving existing dangers to inhabitants and other associated consequences of bed bugs. Arming yourself with the information below can help you protect yourself, your property and those around you.

Routine Bed Bug Inspections for Preventative Care

Regularly scheduled care by Eliminate ‘Em’s bed bug extermination team can help you be more proactive about bed bug protection or prevent an existing infestation from wreaking even more havoc. The following considerations may provide additional encouragement to make use of these services:

  • Many factors may increase your chances of bed bugs. Your awareness of those factors and effort to help prevent or lessen their potential impact, like clutter removal, extra vigilance while traveling or these additional tips, can be beneficial to your own security and that of your property.
  • Even for skilled professionals, bed bug elimination poses a challenge, as the size of these pests makes them able to hide in even the most miniscule cracks or other hiding spots. Consequently, proactive precautions and routine evaluations can be the best bet against this occurrence.
  • In addition to the cost associated with any pest control treatment, a bed bug infestation often comes with the additional replacement expenses, like a new mattress, furniture, bedding and more.
  • The routine inspections or prevention recommendations by pest control technicians may help property owners and occupants avoid being isolated from those they love, like friends and family, or even potential clients who do not want to risk transporting an infestation into homes and buildings of their own. For both homes and residential, commercial or industrial rentals, property values may also decline if a bed bug extermination is needed or if one is on record.

Addressing the Dangers of Bed Bugs on a Property

In addition to investments in property and personal belongings, immediate bed bug extermination is necessary for protecting the health of humans and pets. Here are a few of the complications that bed bugs can cause:

  • Increased or exacerbated stress, anxiety, depression and shame may result from dealing with a bed bug infestation. These psychological implications may further extend to physical health as well.
  • Since bed bugs are nocturnal, sleep patterns are often disrupted by their nighttime activities like feeding. For those already struggling with issues such as insomnia and anxiety and those who may newly experience sleep changes because of bed bugs, sleep interference is known to disturb daily operations as well as physical well-being.
  • Finally, the bed bug bites themselves can initially start as skin irritations, itching or redness. However, for some people, they may cause further allergic reactions with more severe symptoms, like hives or blisters, or secondary infections, like bacterial infections that may result from scratching-induced sores.

Preparing for A Bed Bug Extermination

A bed bug extermination requires a significant amount of preparation, maintenance and documentation, which requires collaboration between a property’s owner/occupant and the extermination provider. Specific actions to take before, during and after the treatment should be outlined in your bed bug treatment consultations. However, the list below can help you anticipate what may be asked of you in the course of this scheduled extermination.

  1. Pick up all items from the floor, as well as from under and on top of furniture, in affected areas.  All items should also be removed from dresser drawers, closets and other storage containers in affected areas.
  2. Vacuum all areas and furniture before and after treatment. Anticipate that vacuum bags will need to be discarded in an outdoor trash location after each use.
  3. Plan to clean, wash or discard items that may be infested, including bedding and furniture. It’s likely that mattresses will need to be discarded entirely. You may need professional cleaning guidance or services.
  4. Have an evacuation plan for the specified service time that includes people and pets.
  5. Continue to be extra vigilant about cleaning and monitoring for bed bug activity.

If you plan to work with Eliminate ‘Em, reviewing this document will help to further clarify the responsibilities of the owner/occupant prior to, on the day of and after the bed bug extermination treatment. Additional needs and recommendations may also be provided by our bed bug  extermination team as specific to your individual property and circumstances.

At Eliminate ‘Em, we want to maximize the potential for your bed bug extermination to succeed. We must emphasize once again that property owners/occupants and the actions required of them are essential to this bed bug treatment process. For emergency bed bug inspections and service or assistance with pest and wildlife prevention, use contact us to connect with a member of Eliminate ‘Em’s licensed and professional team.