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"The Best Service at the Right Price… TODAY!"

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    Noises coming from the attic could indicate a flying squirrel problem. Your home offers easy access to shelter and food for these creatures, who are smaller than ground squirrels and can squeeze through little gaps. Whether you see or think you only hear one, it’s likely that a whole group of flying squirrels have infested your home, as they like to travel together. Rather than trying to capture them yourself, contact the professionals at Eliminate ‘Em Pest Control for swift removal of flying squirrels from your home.

    How to Identify a Flying Squirrel

    These pests are small tree squirrels, about 10 inches in length from head to tail and typically weigh less than six ounces. Flying squirrels have short, thick hair that ranges from white to brown or gray, a bushy tail and large black eyes.

    Expert Flying Squirrel Removal

    Although flying squirrels don’t actually fly, they can glide between surfaces. Our extermination specialists know how to safely capture flying squirrels and humanely remove them from your home. Once we have eliminated the problem, the next step is to thoroughly clean the area. Flying squirrels may carry diseases and parasites or attract other pests that leave behind contaminated feces and urine. Finally, we secure any openings that flying squirrels could re-enter and wreak more havoc on your home. Our team also assists with:

    • Removing exterior entry points, including tree limbs near the house
    • Identifying other factors that could be attracting pests, like bird feeders
    • Inspecting the chimney for squirrel nests – damaged caps should be replaced

    Damage Caused by Flying Squirrels

    Like many pests, flying squirrels like to gnaw to keep their teeth sharp. Despite their small size, flying squirrels have 22 teeth. You may notice bite marks in wires, walls and insulation, which can cause serious damage. The presence of flying squirrels may not be known until an unexplainable fire breaks out in your home.

    The southern species carry flying squirrel typhus, a painful rash transmitted through bite or scratch. It is not worth risking your health to try removing these pests on your own. Get the professionals at Eliminate ‘Em involved to keep your family and pets safe!

    Professional Flying Squirrel Removal

    At the first sign that flying squirrels have invaded your home or business, contact the professional exterminators at Eliminate ‘Em Pest Control! Our family-owned and operated business guarantees you will be satisfied with our flying squirrel removal services.

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