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    If you spot one roach in your house, it’s likely thousands more are lurking which means you may be in need of professional cockroach removal. These pests feed on what’s in your pantry and leave behind foul waste.

    Identifying Cockroaches

    Cockroaches found in the US range from 1.5 to 3 inches in length, with species in tropical climates on the larger side. These pests have six legs, two antennae and chewing-type mouths. While many species have wings, roaches are not strong flyers. You’re also just as likely to encounter them in hot, humid environments as you are in cold, dry conditions – like the Northeast in winter.

    Why Your Home Has Roaches

    Cockroaches are always in search of water. As such, pooling and puddles outside of your home, leaking appliances and a dripping faucet may attract this species. Food and shelter are an added bonus.

    Poor housekeeping and unclean conditions were once thought to attract roaches but are not the primary cause. While regular cleaning and mopping decrease your chances of an infestation, other factors come into play:

    • Roaches are known to hitch a ride on items brought into your home – for instance, second-hand furniture or a suitcase you left open in a hotel.
    • They crawl through narrow cracks in search of water, food and shelter.
    • They’re known to crawl through drain and sewer pipes.
    • In a handful of cases, lights may attract flying cockroaches.

    No matter the cause for their arrival, roaches multiply quickly, bringing bacteria and other diseases with them. Exposure may result in an allergic reaction, worsening asthma, food poisoning, skin rashes and diarrhea.

    It’s safe to say that once you spot roaches crawling through your home, you’re dealing with a full-on roach infestation. Yet, other signs may emerge:

    • Cockroach activity during the day. As these pests are nocturnal creatures, it’s rare to spot them crawling about during daylight hours. This may indicate the nest is too large or the food scarce.
    • You notice cylindrical droppings that resemble pepper or coffee grounds.
    • You notice a strange, unexplained odor. Often, roaches give off an oily or musty scent.
    • You’re finding dead roaches throughout your house or notice oval-shaped egg sacks in cracks, behind bookshelves and refrigerators, under mats, sinks and appliances, and other damp spots.

    For the health and safety of your home and those around you contact us for roach pest control.


    CockroachWhy don’t over-the-counter roach control products have a lasting effect? You need to handle cockroach removal all at once, otherwise the remaining stragglers start multiplying and the infestation never goes away.

    It takes a cockroach extermination expert to truly rid your house of these resilient pests. The Eliminate ‘Em family guarantees our roach pest control services will free your home of pests for good.

    • Our exterminators examine your home and property for all signs of cockroaches.
    • We’ll use environmentally-friendly methods that cover large areas.
    • Our knowledgeable technicians are licensed and certified.
    • Only EPA-approved products are used in your home.
    • We seal entry points so that roaches don’t return.

    No matter which type of cockroach has moved into your home, our expert exterminators will send them packing. You get fast, safe and reliable results at the best price. If you’ve found a roach infestation in your home or place of business, contact us for guaranteed cockroach removal today!

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