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How To Prevent Cockroaches In Your Home

Cockroaches. No one likes to see these pests scurrying amongst their homes. Unfortunately, they often find their way into our homes as they search for food, water, and shelter. Our homes provide all of these things, creating the perfect place for cockroaches to hang out, and even worse, multiply. Cockroaches release a chemical called oleic acid, which attracts other cockroaches. So, once you have a few, the problem is likely to multiply! Not only are these pests an unpleasant nuisance, they can actually be a danger to your and your family’s health. The good news is that preventing cockroaches can be done by following a few simple tips. If you are a homeowner wondering how to prevent cockroaches, the following will help.

Preventing Cockroaches

The following cockroach prevention tips will answer how to prevent cockroaches from entering your home. These pests are a nuisance, but can thankfully be avoided. Preventing cockroaches will protect you and your family from the havoc that these repulsive pests can cause within your home.

Tip #1: Seal Off Entry Points to Your Home

person caulking around window

The first tip for preventing cockroaches is to make it hard for them to enter your home in the first place. Sometimes, often unknowingly, cockroaches are entering through small cracks and crevices in our homes. There are a few steps you can take to ensure that entry points are sealed off.

  • Caulk any gaps around doors, windows, and utility lines.
  • Repair any broken or torn screens.
  • Seal off any cracks or holes in the siding and foundation of your home.
  • Place under-door seal strips or draft stoppers under doors with large gaps.

Tip #2: Eliminate Food Sources

person sweeping crumbs off floor

One thing that cockroaches enter your home in search of is food. Even the smallest crumbs and debris can attract cockroaches, which is why eliminating these food sources is an important cockroach prevention tip. When trying to figure out how to prevent cockroaches, consider if you need to take any of the following steps.

  • Clean your trash can and keep it closed at all times.
  • Clean under the stove and refrigerator, as crumbs often accumulate in these places.
  • Store all food in airtight containers.
  • Clean behind your television set and under furniture.
  • Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink.
  • Regularly sweep and mop the floors, and vacuum any rugs and upholstery.

Tip #3: Control Sources of Water

person using wrench to fix leaky sink

Not only do cockroaches enter our homes in search of food, but they are also looking for sources of water. These thirsty insects can find this in our homes around leaky faucets and other sources of water. Eliminating these water sources is another key step to preventing cockroaches. The following tips can help!

  • Repair any leaks immediately, especially if it’s directly below the sink.
  • Keep your drains clean.
  • Keep the area around pet water bowls clean and dry.

Tip #4: Prevent Cockroaches from Hiding in Your Home

crack on white wall

Cockroaches enter our home and are attracted to warm, dark places to hide out in. Clutter and nooks and crannies within our home create perfect spots for them to hide. When questioning how to prevent cockroaches in the bedroom, consider whether there are any cracks or crevices they could make their way into. By following these tips, you’ll be on your way to preventing cockroaches by eliminating spots they can lurk in.

  • Repair loose wallpaper
  • Keep cabinets lined with either paper or enamel, and if you see any damage or cracks, repair it right away
  • Any cracks on the floor or in the walls should be sealed, as roaches can enter and make a nest

Tip #5: Prevent Cockroaches from Nesting Around Your Home

stack of firewood against home

You’ve sealed off entry points, taken care of things inside, and you still see cockroaches scurrying around your property? If you’re worried they might find their way in, ensure that these pests aren’t finding places to nest and multiply around the outside of your home. The following tips provide additional ways to go the extra mile when preventing cockroaches.

  • Make sure mulch, shrubs, and trees sit at least a foot from your home
  • Do not lay firewood against the side of your home
  • Remove any thick or dead vegetation around your home
  • Fill in any tree holes, as these could become nesting sites for cockroaches

Next time you’re questioning how to prevent cockroaches in your home, run through these tips to ensure that you’re taking the necessary precautions. These tips are highly effective at preventing cockroaches, keeping you and your family safe from these unwanted pests. If these cockroach prevention tips are coming to you after the invasion has already occurred, it’s likely time to call in a professional. Where there are a few cockroaches, there can often be thousands more living within the walls.

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