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"The Best Service at the Right Price… TODAY!"

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    Rat & Mice Extermination

    Movies make it seem like rats can create culinary magic in the kitchen or serve as a supportive fashion squad to help us dress for a party. However, the reality is that rats and mice pose significant threats to human and pet health and to property. Instead of trying to tell the difference between mice and rats before taking action to address the problem they present, call your local Eliminate ‘Em team today, and let us handle the pest identification process and the rat removal or mice extermination plan.

    Do You Need a Mice Extermination Team?

    Rodent problems aren’t limited to a single location. From rural homesteads to city dwellings, a food source, available water, and warm shelter are all that these critters need to take up residence with you. Sometimes, a single mouse or rat around the property doesn’t raise an alarm for property owners, but it should. Even if the animal is deceased, this single sighting is only one indication of a larger problem. The following signs also point to rat and mice infestations:

    • Scratching or high-pitched squeaking
    • Sounds of scampering in the walls, attic, or basement
    • Droppings in the kitchen, pantry, or nesting areas
    • Tracks left in dusty areas
    • Dirt or grease marks on the walls or floors
    • Holes on furniture or walls
    • Chewed material like fabric, paper material, or even wiring
    • Unusually opened food packages or gnawed food boxes
    • Musky odor of fecal matter or urine

    Have you encountered any of these issues at your residential, commercial, or industrial property? Take action now to address the problem and prevent future damage. The Eliminate ‘Em mice extermination and rat control experts are available 24/7 and can even provide same day service. By request, we can also service your location in unmarked vans.

    Why Should You Contact a Rat and Mice Extermination Professional?

    Finding any of the above indications that mice or rats have invaded your property are only the beginning of the damage that they can cause. To avoid costly repair bills and health-related concerns, the Eliminate ‘Em experts can provide the effective rat and mice extermination services that you need. Here’s why it’s crucial that you connect with the professionals at Eliminate ‘Em today, if you see or suspect a rodent problem:


    • Mosquitoes are often discussed as illness-bearing pests. However, mice and rats also increase disease exposure to health concerns like salmonella and leptospirosis.
    • Rodents often bring parasites, like fleas and worms, into the home, which can compromise environmental safety and cause other health concerns for human and pet residents.


    • Rodents can compromise your electrical system by chewing wires and cables. These actions can increase the potential for electrical fires.
    • They also create an unsanitary environment. Their interest in your pantry means that they can render food supplies unusable and unsafe and defile these spaces with their waste. Professionals can help execute the necessary sanitation and deodorizing measures as part of their service package.
    • Rats and mice can exacerbate existing issues with water leaks or corroding pipes. They can further compromise insulation or other weather-proofing in the home, which may lead to structural issues.
    • Much like inside of your home, mice and rats can damage a car by gnawing at the wiring or building nests in it. This behavior may cause electrical problems, undesirable odors, or stop the car from running entirely.

    Don’t chance illness in the family or damage to your property by trying to deal with rats and mice on your own. Act now to protect your loved ones and your investments by having the rat control and mice extermination service professionals at Eliminate ‘Em resolve your current issue.


    Being proactive about pest control is the best way to protect your property and those who use it. Contact our experienced and licensed pest control and extermination technicians for the preventative measures and routine maintenance that will help you avoid a rodent problem. If mice, rats, or any other pests have already intruded upon your residential, industrial, or commercial location, Eliminate ‘Em is here to help.

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