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Pantry Pests chart from EliminateEm CT pest control exterminatorThere are many types of Pantry Pests – Flour Beetles, Drugstore Beetles, Larder Beetles, Spider Beetles, Granary Weevils, Rice Weevils, Grain Moths, Flour Moths, Psocids, and Grain Mites, just to name a few… All of them can be found in the pantry, and all of them get there by way of contaminated food.

Pantry Pests Inspection

A food container which is not firmly sealed after use is always vulnerable to infestation. Once one container is exposed, Pests tend to spread until you can’t be sure if anything in your pantry is safe to consume. Unfortunately, there are often only two ways to discover that Pantry Pests are present. Either you’ll actually see them crawling or flying their way out of your cabinets or (and this is perhaps the more disturbing possibility…) you will come across them when you try to boil your pasta or pour a bowl of cereal. Either way, once you suspect that any Pantry Pest has found its way into your home, it is important to have them exterminated immediately.

Damage By Pantry Pests

Pantry Pests spoil food by contaminating it with their bodies and their by-products. The larval stage of the Indian Meal Moth produces frass and webbing, and some Beetle Larvae produce secretions that give the food an unpleasant odor and taste. Hairs from the Warehouse Beetle can irritate the mouth, throat, and stomach of people who eat contaminated products. In addition, Pantry Pests can introduce microbes into food that produce mycotoxins (highly carcinogenic compounds), especially if that food is stored in warm, humid conditions.

Pantry Pests Treatment

Eliminate’Em Pest Control Services provides you with fast, professional, courteous service and licensed technicians to handle all of your Pest Control, Wildlife and Inspection needs. Eliminate’Em Pest Control Services offers same-day services and free estimates to eliminate Pantry Pests. Professional technicians are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to get rid of any insects (like Pantry Pests!), rodents or wildlife that are causing damage or creating a nuisance in and around your home.

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