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"The Best Service at the Right Price… TODAY!"

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    When you notice damage to your lawn, you may assume right away it’s the work of a mole. Yet voles are similar creatures who also like to burrow underground. Also known as “meadow mice” for their physical similarities, voles are rodents that target our plants. By contrast, moles are insectivores with a distinctly long nose, large front feet and fur-covered eyes and ears. Voles are most active at dawn or dusk so if you notice a difference in your landscape first thing in the morning, contact the professionals at Eliminate ‘Em Pest Control.

    Damage by Voles

    A telltale sign that voles have infested your property is a ravaged garden. Unlike moles, voles have a vegetarian diet and your garden is the perfect source of nourishment. Don’t let all your hard work planting go to waste! We can help you stop the vole damage.

    Although voles pose no physical danger to humans and pets, their urine and feces can carry diseases. Since voles are especially active in gardens, it could be hazardous to consume anything planted once an infestation has been discovered.

    How We Remove Voles

    Voles can be nearly impossible to get rid of without the help of an experienced extermination team. Work with the professionals at Eliminate ‘Em to trap and humanely remove these pests from your property! You can expect:

    • Eco-friendly solutions that don’t harm your health
    • Information about pests and how to keep them away
    • Long-term protection to keep voles out for good

    At the first sign of vole activity in your yard, contact us for same-day service! We are family-owned and operated, in business for over 35 years. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our vole removal services.

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