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"The Best Service at the Right Price… TODAY!"

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    Getting a sugar ant infestation under control is no easy task. Sugar, pavement and carpenter ants can enter your home through the tiniest of cracks – and trying to get rid of them on your own is nearly impossible.

    The sugar ant removal experts at Eliminate ‘Em are ready to handle your home’s problem – today!

    What Are Sugar Ants?

    house sugar ant to be exterminated by Eliminate'Em exterminators “Sugar ants” is the common term for house and pavement ants that go after anything sweet or fatty. “Banded sugar ants” – the only species specifically attracted to sugar – are found exclusively in Australia.

    Visually, these ants measure from 2mm to 15mm in size, range from black to orange in color, and may have wings. While these ants don’t sting, they are known to bite.

    Sugar ants seek out high-carbohydrate sweet foods, proteins and fats, and have also been known to consume plant pollen. Even when you clean up spills and residue that could attract these pests, ants’ odor receptors are four to five times as strong as other insects. Thus, trace amounts of these foods may bring on an infestation.

    Signs of a Sugar Ant Infestation

    No matter the species, there are a handful of signs that clearly indicate a sugar ant infestation:

    • Ants are present in your home, especially at night. At this time of the day, they come to feed on foods containing sugar and fat. The ants usually return to their nests by dawn.
    • Hill-like nests outdoors or in certain parts of your home, including your basement and crawlspaces.
    • Pathways ants regularly follow – a trail has been established to a food source within your home.

    How Sugar Ant Infestations Occur

    Although the food in your home proves to be a key source, the infestation may actually have started outside – particularly, with nectar-secreting plants in your garden or yard. After the ants have spent time building nests near your home, they will seek out something sweet or fatty in the kitchen, as well as a water source. These ants then leave behind a pheromone trail for other ants to find the food and water. At this point, you’ll notice a steady stream of ants going to a particular spot, like the sink drain.

    However, not all ant infestations start from outside. Nests could already be built inside your home, likely in an undisturbed area, like a wall, basement or crawlspace.

    Regardless of how the ants got there, it becomes difficult to get them to leave. Once they have exhausted all sweet and fatty sources, they may go onto chew through paper, cardboard and plastic containers. In the process, they may start to attract other pests, including spiders and centipedes.


    Early spring is mating season for ants, but extermination is a year-round endeavor for our team.

    Eliminate ‘Em offers your family fast, reliable, and safe pest removal. You can call us 24/7 and expect:

    • Knowledgeable, licensed and certified technicians
    • Sealed entry points, so that ants won’t come back in the future
    • Only EPA-approved solutions and products to be used in your home
    • Same-day service – and we’re always on time!

    We’ll also help you build a long-term pest control strategy to prevent the ants from returning. Sugar ant treatment may entail:

    • Fully cleaning your kitchen to remove all residue, including sweeping behind appliances and throwing away any garbage
    • Tossing out old food
    • Making sure all food – including pet food – is stored in fully sealed containers
    • Removing any debris and residue from the garbage bin
    • Getting leaky faucets and appliances under control

    When you call Eliminate ‘Em, you’re guaranteed the best sugar ant extermination services at the best price. Our technicians are standing by to rid your home of summer bugs today!

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