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    AntWhen you spot ants inside and around your home, you may wonder what species has infested your property. Chances are they’re pavement ants – one of the most common species in the US. True to its name, this species is known to burrow below and create mounts under sidewalks, driveways, concrete or asphalt slabs, patios, rocks and landscaping fixtures and around curbs. If you spot these ants around your home, it may be time for professional pavement ant control services.

    Identifying Pavement Ants

    Pavement ants are often mistaken for sugar ants. These small pests range from 1/10 to 1/16 inches in length with two-node antennas and are dark brown in color. How can you identify one?

    • This species is light brown to black in color, with legs lighter than the body.
    • Antennae feature a 12-segmented design, with a three-segmented club. You will also spot parallel lines – or spines – on the head and thorax, as well as grooved markings. The last abdominal segment includes a stinger.
    • Queen ants, as well as her swarmers, are double the size of worker ants and have wings.
    • Pavement ants eat a variety of foods, including meats, pet food, sweets, grease, seeds, honeydew, honey, cheese, bread, nuts and insects.

    Where You Find Pavement Ants

    A typical colony features more than one queen and several workers, with the queen laying her eggs to start a new colony. The workers then raise the hatched ants – which may be moved around in the colony – until they are fully grown.

    Outdoors, you’ll spot these colonies in numerous places:

    • Below the pavement around curbs
    • Around your driveway’s edges
    • Along the cracks of sidewalks
    • Underneath brick or stone patios
    • Below rocks and other landscaping features
    • Deep inside the soil
    • Underneath logs and boards you leave outdoors
    • Below mulching and soil

    If you already have a colony of pavement ants in your yard, it’s not hard for these pests to access your home. Food that’s left out could be an incentive for them to crawl through cracks in your foundation or around doors and windows. Once inside your home, they may start to create colonies:

    • In wall voids
    • Below toilets, sinks, water heaters
    • Anywhere else with moisture
    • Underneath insulation
    • Above false ceilings
    • Under floors

    While all ants seek out sweet, fatty foods, several factors may attract pavement ants to your home, including:

    • Dead insects
    • Crumbs
    • Trash and other open containers
    • Pet food
    • Meats and anything with grease
    • Seeds and fruits

    From here, the ants create a pathway back to the nest and will continue to return to the source. Let our pavement ant control experts help identify the infestation in a safe and timely manner.

    Damage by Pavement Ants

    Pavement ants do not pose serious health threats, but they pollute food by leaving waste behind.

    Pavement Ant Control & Removal

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