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"The Best Service at the Right Price… TODAY!"

6 Signs Bats Are Living In Your Home

Considering the size of a bat, you may think finding them in your home would be easy. Yet, these nocturnal creatures often go undetected until several, if not hundreds, have infested your attic.

BatsTypically, a bat colony ends up in your attic by following cool air currents. Once inside, they sleep during the day and go out at night. Your house doesn’t need to have a large opening; these pests can fit through holes no larger than an inch in diameter. If you have a bat problem, contact Eliminate ‘Em for same-day service!

Watch out for these clear signs of a bat infestation.

1. You’ve Found One!

When enough bats are present, it’s often inevitable for one to travel from the attic to another part of your home through a wall cavity or a pipe. In these instances, you could potentially encounter one in your living room or basement.

2. Sounds

While bats don’t make a significant amount of noise, a few telltale sounds can reveal a colony is living in your attic:

  • Small squeaking noises
  • Crawling
  • Scratching

These sounds can be heard the most at dawn, when bats are entering your home or dusk, when they’re getting ready to fly out for the night.

3. Bat Droppings

Bat droppings, called guano, may be present in your attic. When these creatures turn into a big problem, you’ll additionally find these droppings on window sills, the porch or any places directly below their nest. In your attic, you may clearly see the rodent waste clumped together.

4. Increase In Temperature

When your home suddenly warms up, bats believe it to be spring and go about your house to rehydrate. The weather or indoor temperature doesn’t have to be drastically warmer; bats can awaken from hibernation in temperatures above 45 degrees.

5. Ammonia Scent

Even if you have not spotted guano, it gives off a strong odor. If you notice an ammonia scent within your home, start searching for the droppings and where the bats may be hiding.

6. Activity At Dawn & Dusk

You’ll likely have to stand outside, but in the evening and early morning, you could see the colony of bats leaving from your attic or entering it after flying around at night.

Bats are essential to the world’s ecosystem, but can carry multiple diseases and their droppings attract roaches, mites and other insects. To safely remove the creatures, work with an experienced bat exterminator. Contact Eliminate ‘Em to learn more about our services.