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    The term Gopher is frequently applied to the much larger family of rodents which spend the majority of their lives underground. They may vary in size and shape, from the Pocket Gopher (also known as the True Gopher) to the Ground Squirrel to the Prairie Dog<, but they are all tunneling mammals that can quickly and easily wreck havoc as they dig away beneath your lawn, garden or foundation.

    Inspection To Exterminate Gophers

    Pack of Gophers image from EliminateEm CT animal control exterminatorAlthough gophers live underground, they leave plenty of noticeable signs of their presence on the surface. As gophers burrow, they push away the dirt in front of them. This displaced dirt can leave a bump on the top of your lawn, creating a map of the maze they are digging underneath. Even if the digging is not visible, you may notice that some of your grass feels as though it has no earth supporting it. The gophers have literally stripped it away. Another sign of a gopher infestation is the sudden appearance of horseshoe shaped holes cropping up in your lawn or garden. Stare at one long enough and you may just see one of the little culprits scurry into the hole and disappear.

    Damage By Gophers

    Quite possibly the most frustrating thing about gophers is that they can destroy your garden without even being seen. Instead of coming out of their holes to scrounge for food, they will burrow under your lawn and pull plants down through the dirt by their roots! Unfortunately, however, a gopher infestation does not just mean danger for your leafy vegetables. Gophers will chew away at trees to sharpen their ever-growing teeth. The holes gophers leave behind are an easy trap for your children and pets. And at their worst, gophers have been known to nibble through water and cable lines creating a mess that is significantly costly to repair. Even if you think there might only be a couple of these mischievous rodents sampling your lettuce, it is best to get a professional exterminator in quickly before their mischief turns to mayhem.

    Treatment To Exterminate Gophers

    Eliminate’Em Pest Control Services provides you with fast, professional, courteous service and licensed technicians to handle all of your Pest Control, Wildlife and Inspection needs. Eliminate’Em Pest Control Services offers same-day services and free estimates to eliminate gophers. Professional technicians are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to get rid of any insects, rodents or wildlife (like Gophers!) that are causing damage or creating a nuisance in and around your home.

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