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    Although the name centipede is derived from the Latin words for “hundred” and “foot”, these arthropods can actually have as few as 20 legs or as many as 300! No matter the number of legs, however, they all possess long, flat, multi-segmented bodies. Centipede coloring is subdued, generally presenting in varying shades of muted browns and reds. They are predators that feed on invertebrates, other insects and spiders. Larger varieties have been known to go after more challenging prey including lizards, mice and birds. Centipedes range in size from 1 to 6 inches in length so coming across one in your home can certainly seem threatening, especially since they are primarily nocturnal creatures that only venture out after dark.

    Inspection For Centipedes

    No matter where they are on the globe, centipedes always gravitate to a moist “micro-habitat” because their thin outer layer causes them to lose water quickly. Therefore, when inspecting for centipedes it is important to search damp areas first. Cellars, closets, bathrooms, attics (during the warmer months) and unexcavated areas under the house are all potential prime locations for centipedes to make their home. Centipedes can also be found in damp outdoor areas – beneath leaves, stones, boards, tree bark, or in mulch around outdoor plantings. It is important to note that these are also the locations centipedes prefer to lay their eggs.

    Damage By Centipedes

    Centipedes are generally harmless to humans with the exception of larger centipedes whose forcipules (the modified pair of front legs found only on centipedes) can pierce the skin and inject a venom. When this occurs, the venom they inject can cause a number of unpleasant reactions including swelling, fever and even anaphylactic shock, though such bites are extremely unlikely to be fatal.  Fortunately, most centipedes are small enough that their forcipules are too tiny to puncture human skin. These smaller centipedes do not cause damage to food supplies or household furnishings either, but their intimidating appearance can be viewed as threatening and it is perfectly normal for homeowners to wish to exterminate them.

    Treatment For Centipedes

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