"The Best Service at the Right Price… TODAY!"
"The Best Service at the Right Price… TODAY!"

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    In today’s world, our health and our property seem to be in constant danger whether as the result of new illnesses or New England weather. Although factors like these may be out of one’s control, you can protect yourself and your residential, commercial, and industrial locations from the intrusive pests and wildlife that can cause structural damage or bring disease. For a safer and healthier environment, engage the Bethlehem extermination and pest control professionals at Eliminate ‘Em.

    Whether you are confronted with racoons digging through trash bags or termites seemingly enjoying the damp basement wood, now is the time to act in order to avoid more significant consequences for you and your property. Once you see the intruders or signs of their damage, a problem has already arrived, so neither sanitization and other cleaning efforts nor spray or trap deterrents may fully resolve your issue. Instead, depend on the Bethlehem, CT pest control and extermination service technicians for immediate action to deal with the unwanted infestation and to recommend next steps for ongoing prevention.


    In Bethlehem and other nearby locations, Eliminate ‘Em’s pest and extermination team can help you protect your home against intrusions and address current problems. From attic cleanouts to exclusion and sealing services, preventative maintenance is an essential step in guarding against the emotional and physical impact of issues, like cupboards compromised by pantry pests or squirrels in your baby’s room. Furthermore, our well-trained and efficient specialists recognize that the discovery of undesirable pests or wildlife is quite unnerving, so technicians will be dispatched to your residential, commercial, or industrial space to address your needs as soon as we receive contact from you.

    In addition to expedient service, we make the following offers to our current and potential clients:

    • Same-day service availability
    • Use of EPA-approved techniques
    • Long-term contract option
    • Use of unmarked vans for anonymous service upon request
    • Special discounts for seniors, first responders, and military personnel
    • Efficient sanitation and waste removal

    Examples of pests and animals that we commonly deal with at Eliminate ‘Em are listed below:


    As a family-owned company with decades of experience, we are invested in both our profession and our New England community. Provided an “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau, our company offers expert pest control and extermination services that help ensure the safety and security of homes and businesses throughout Bethlehem, CT and other surrounding communities. In addition to our knowledge and expertise gleaned from our years of service, Eliminate ‘Em’s dedicated team members continuously enhance their skills by participating in ongoing education about current practices in the industry, including environmentally-aware methods and ethical techniques. When a pest or wildlife problem appears or you even suspect the presence of these intruders, contact us immediately for service 24 hours a day on every week of the year. Then, our service technicians will quickly develop a plan, and they will effectively execute it to safeguard the structural integrity of buildings, as well as the people on your property.

    For preventative care or effective pest control and extermination solutions in Bethlehem, contact us today for immediate service to your residential, commercial, or industrial property.