"The Best Service at the Right Price… TODAY!"
"The Best Service at the Right Price… TODAY!"

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    Has your home been invaded? From mice and other pantry pests, every property owner needs an experienced Middletown pest control company and exterminator. And most of all, you need a reliable exterminator that truly eliminates the pests that invade your home, which can damage your home or harm your health. Whether they’re biting you, gnawing away at your home, or tearing your trash cans open in the middle of the night, we will send them packing!

    For instance, Eliminate ‘Em offers residential, commercial and industrial exterminator and pest control in Middletown. Plus, our services provide peace of mind. By putting your trust in the Eliminate ‘Em, we provide expert animal and pest control, along with exterminator services that keep your home bug-free.

    Finally, Eliminate ‘Em is a family owned and operated company that has been offering customers in Middletown, CT with expert extermination services for over 35 years. As a result, all Eliminate ‘Em customers can expect:

    • Our licensed and certified technicians are friendly and knowledgeable.
    • We’ll use unmarked vans upon your request
    • You’ll get same-day service when you need it!
    • Only EPA approved methods and products will be used
    • No long term contracts
    • Senior and military discounts
    • Green and eco-friendly solutions
    • All of our pest & animal removal services are guaranteed

    Most importantly, we guarantee fast, safe and reliable removal of pests from your home. Our family guarantees your family that pests will be gone for good.

    Guaranteed Pest Control in Middletown

    Eliminate ‘Em guarantees that our expert exterminators and animal control specialists solve your pest problem! As a result, we guarantee our work while providing expert pest control in Middletown. For example, here are just a few of the pests we eradicate:

    • Termites and ants
    • Moles and squirrels
    • Spiders
    • Wasps and bees
    • Bats
    • Rats and mice
    • Ticks, fleas and bed bugs
    • Roaches

    Finally, whether you need an emergency extermination or would like to set up an eco-friendly pest plan, you can trust our pest control experts.

    Trusted & Experienced Exterminator in Middletown, CT

    Eliminate ‘Em gets the job done right the first time!

    With Eliminate ‘Em, we provide service that goes above and beyond a quick chemical spray and bill. Why? Simple, it takes a dedicated and well-trained exterminator to make sure that bugs and pests are gone for good. Therefore, you need a reliable pest control service and exterminator in Middletown. That’s why you can expect excellent customer service from Eliminate‘Em:

    • We don’t rope you into a long-term contract.
    • We offer professional sanitization to get rid of toxic pest waste.
    • Our technicians are certified, licensed and insured exterminators.
    • Same-day service and we’re on time every time.
    • EPA approved methods and products.
    • We seal entry points so that insects can’t get back in.

    Plus, we guarantee your family that your home’s pest problem will be gone for good. And we get the job done right the first time!

    To make an appointment with a trusted and experienced Middletown pest control company, call us today at (866) 802-7378.