"The Best Service at the Right Price… TODAY!"
"The Best Service at the Right Price… TODAY!"

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    How often do you see one or two ants crawling on the kitchen floor and think nothing of it? One carpenter ant isn’t a sign of an infestation, right? While the sighting could be par for the course for the time of year. But, if you continually spot insects and rodents in your home, it is time to take the infestation seriously. If not, your family and home potentially are at risk for structural damage or possible health risks. As a result, you need a reliable exterminator and pest control company in Mystic, CT that offers services 24/7 service.

    For example, common pests, including rodents, ticks and bed bugs, all present specific risks. Unfortunately, once they’re living in your home:

    • You become exposed to serious diseases like rabies.
    • Your property may experience varying degrees of damage.
    • Animal waste builds up.

    For many homeowners, you make an effort to eradicate the issue by using over-the-counter traps and sprays, but unfortunately it has very little effect. Rather, the pests return a second or third time. So, what’s attracting pests to your home in Mystic? To put a stop to the infestation, call the professionals at Eliminate ‘Em to address your Mystic, CT pest control needs.

    Extermination & Pest Control in Mystic, CT

    Eliminate ‘Em offers residential, commercial and industrial pest control and exterminator services throughout Mystic (and all neighboring communities). Additionally, our skilled team of extermination professionals remain on-call and ready to tackle your pest control needs. For example, we offer 24/7/365 service and remain on-call to answer your questions and/or schedule appointments. Every situation is unique but for urgent issues like termites, we can come by same-day.

    Plus, take pride in our removal methods and strive to get rid of pests in a single job. How can we help you?

    • For your privacy, we can arrive in unmarked vans.
    • Thoroughly assess your property to put a plan together.
    • Use EPA-approved chemicals and eco-friendly extermination methods that protect your health.
    • Clean up pest waste and repair any damage.
    • Provide information to help prevent future infestations.
    • Offer discounts to veterans and senior citizens.

    Our business is accredited by the CT Better Business Bureau for our A-rated customer service. Additionally, our team handles both seasonal and year-round pests, including:

    • Bats
    • Mice
    • Carpenter, sugar and other ants
    • Cockroaches
    • Termites
    • Bedbugs
    • Raccoons
    • Squirrels
    • Spiders
    • Carpenter Bees
    • Ticks

    As an Eliminate ‘Em customer, you’re guaranteed quick, clean and safe service to remove the pest problem from your home or business. Finally, working with Eliminate ‘Em as your Mystic pest control company, you can expect:

    • Safe non-chemical solutions that get rid of your pest problem without risking your family’s or employee’s health.
    • Discreet service using unmarked vans because nobody wants a billboard that says “I have bugs!” in their front yard.
    • Information and advice about your particular pest so that you can keep your home safe from pests in the future.

    Your home can be pest-free for good! Work with an experienced pest control company in Mystic, CT, such as Eliminate ‘Em to remove the unwanted guests. Give us a call today at (866) 802-7378.