"The Best Service at the Right Price… TODAY!"
"The Best Service at the Right Price… TODAY!"

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    When unwanted animals or insects appear around or inside your home or business, their presence should motivate you to immediate action. For service 24 hours a day on every day of the calendar, Eliminate ‘Em provides pest control and extermination services to Thomaston, CT (and the neighboring communities). Our local specialists are prepared to evaluate your pest or animal control problem and enact effective solutions to address it. To avoid navigating such unpleasant experiences entirely, proactively examine your property for signs of bug or wildlife invasions and engage our team to provide prevention and maintenance services.

    From termites and hornets to skunks and bats, these beings may have an important role to play in nature, but they actually endanger the people, pets, and structures of your residential, commercial, or industrial spaces. Despite your deep cleaning efforts or use of sprays and traps to dispatch unexpected pests and wildlife, the money and time that you spend on these attempts may not solve the problem or, more significantly, determine and eliminate its source. With help from Eliminate ‘Em’s pest control and extermination technicians in Thomaston, CT, you know that any schedule adjustments or expenditures on your part will result in our prevention or removal of intruders.


    For over 35 years, Eliminate ‘Em has offered pest control and extermination services to properties in Thomaston, CT and across New England. In the communities that we serve throughout these areas, Eliminate ‘Em is a recognized and skilled pest control provider with experienced technicians who execute the necessary preventative measures or removal of any  pests or wildlife currently jeopardizing the safety of your home or industry. These trained specialists have vast experience in navigating issues with mice, hornets, cockroaches, bedbugs, termites, bats, and more. Once you contact Eliminate ‘Em with your requests for preemptive measures against potential problems or ongoing concerns, our team will carefully strategize and expediently deliver the necessary services.

    Our experienced team also provides the following services to Thomaston property owners:

    • Prompt service with EPA-approved methods
    • No long-term contract requirement
    • Anonymous service with unmarked vans upon request
    • Discounts for military and first responders, as well as senior adults
    • Recommendations for ongoing pest control prevention
    • Effective sanitation and deodorizing


    As a family-owned and locally run company, we have continuously refined our craft for almost four decades. Since Eliminate ‘Em cares about and for people, businesses, and properties, we’ve been recognized by the Better Business Bureau and awarded its “A” rating. Additionally, our company takes pride in being educated about current best practices in pest control and extermination, so we participate in ongoing training, including but not limited to environmentally conscious and humane treatment options. To allow us to serve you quickly and effectively, we encourage you to connect with our Thomaston professionals as soon as you even suspect a pest or wildlife problem. Then, we can effectively and mindfully deliver the necessary prevention or removal services.

    Act now! To prevent or remove unwanted pests and animals from your property, the Thomaston pest control team is prepared to achieve results and to protect your property today and for years to come. For more, contact us today.