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    Earwigs are a small insect, approximately .3 in – 2.0 inches in length. They are dark reddish-brown in color with light brown legs. Earwigs can be readily identified by their distinctive, pincer-like tails. They are also nocturnal, hiding in tiny crevasses during the day and coming out to feed at night. Despite the old wives’ tale that earwigs burrow through your ear and into your brain to lay their eggs, they are not actually harmful to people. Still, these tiny insects can cause significant destruction in and around the home.
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    Inspection For Earwigs

    Earwigs< prefer dark, damp areas. During the day, they can be found hiding under organic matter such as pine straw, leaf litter, mulch, and other debris or under stones and sidewalks. Earwigs get into homes through entry points like doors and windows, and by crawling up the foundation.

    Damage By Earwigs

    Earwigs love to feed on decomposing material like dahlias, zinnias, sunflowers, hollyhock, roses, strawberries, celery, grapes, potatoes, beets, corn silk, grass, and even dead insects. Earwigs can also bite as a defense mechanism. While these bites can be painful, they are not poisonous. If scratched, however, they may lead to secondary infections so it is important to identify your earwig problem before the earwigs identify you.

    Treatment For Earwigs

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