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"The Best Service at the Right Price… TODAY!"

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    Adult Ladybugs are oval in shape and about ¼ inch long. They range in color from yellow to bright red with as many as 16 black spots across their backs.  The Ladybug’s key identifying features are the presence of two false eyes and twin football-shaped white markings behind the head. They spend most of their lives feeding in fields and forests, but as the weather turns colder they begin clustering around buildings seeking a warm spot to spend the Winter months. Your cozy, well heated home presents the perfect opportunity.

    Inspection For Ladybugs

    Ladybug on flower picture from EliminateEm pest control exterminatorLadybugs are often found clustering on light-colored buildings. They prefer areas that get a lot of light such as walls exposed to sun, windows and light fixtures. When a Ladybug finds a good resting place it releases a chemical that signals other Ladybugs to gather so if a Ladybug has found a sweet spot in your house to call home, it’s important to get an Eliminate ‘Em technician in to get the Ladybugs out.

    Damage By Ladybugs

    Around the world, Ladybugs are seen as a whimsical insect, a symbol of luck. But inside the walls of your home they can cause just as much trouble as any other pest. Ladybugs will not feed on the wood in your walls or the food in your kitchen. They do not carry deadly diseases or sting. What they will do is swarm. An army of Ladybugs taking up residence in your home is nothing to take lightly. They will crawl all over the walls, windows, counter tops, light fixtures and any other surfaces they can find. Recent studies also suggest that Ladybugs can cause allergic reactions such as eye irritation and asthma.

    Treatment For Ladybugs

    Eliminate’Em Pest Control Services provides you with fast, professional, courteous service and licensed technicians to handle all of your Pest Control, Wildlife and Inspection needs. Eliminate’Em Pest Control Services offers same-day services and free estimates to eliminate Ladybugs. Professional technicians are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to get rid of any insects, rodents or wildlife that are causing damage or creating a nuisance in and around your home.

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