"The Best Service at the Right Price… TODAY!"
"The Best Service at the Right Price… TODAY!"

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    Your beach day was perfect until you saw it: the squirrel delightedly making its way into your home or business through a hole peeking out from underneath the gutter. Although online research offers many suggestions about how to remove your unanticipated guest, your interest in doing so is minimal at best. Now is the time to call a local Charlestown, RI pest control and exterminator specialist to diagnose and resolve this problem. From squirrels and opossum to termites and cockroaches, pest control and exterminator services offered by Eliminate ‘Em’s experts will quickly arrive upon receiving your call.

    Our professional pest control technicians will determine the issue and develop a plan to address it. Aware of negotiating a family’s busy schedules or maintaining the reputation of your business, we commit to being available 24/7 on every day of the year and can use unmarked vehicles, if you prefer. When you engage our Charlestown pest control team, you will receive efficient and respectful service and be assured that the health and safety of residential, commercial, or industrial spaces will be restored.

    Charlestown Extermination and Pest Control

    Eliminate ‘Em provides expert pest and wildlife control in Charlestown, as well as other local communities. Our well-trained pest control professionals are available to help you evaluate new problems, alleviate ongoing concerns, or execute strategies to prevent future insect or animal issues.

    Our extermination team honors the importance of the health and safety of your family, clients, and products, as well as your potentially hectic schedules and desire to solve pest control problems quickly. Throughout the process, we understand the importance of flexibility and communication; as such, we are more than willing to explain our pest control resolution plan with you or modify our implementation schedule to suit your needs.

    Our team celebrates these service highlights:

    • Application of EPA-approved, eco-friendly, and ethical techniques
    • Immediate action without a required long-term contract
    • Unmarked service vehicles, if requested
    • Military, first responder, and senior discounts
    • Effective pest and wildlife removal – guaranteed!

    Charlestown pest control experts are skilled in dealing with issues caused by the listed pests and many more:

    Professional Charlestown, RI Pest Control & Exterminators

    Our 35 years of experience, “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau, and family ownership distinguish our company in this field. For over a quarter of a century, your homes and businesses have been our priority, and our investment in your wellness and success continues to be evident in our regular training, effort to employ environmentally and ethically sound techniques, and use of the best and most current pest control and extermination practices. Our work is guaranteed because of our education and experience, which enable us to thoughtfully and effectively solve any pest control or extermination needs. Additionally, our Charlestown pest control professionals prioritize safety and wellness for you and for our community, so we value transparency, as illustrated by our comfort in sharing why we recommend particular solutions.

    We know that you take great pride in the home that you have made or business that you have grown in Charlestown, RI. Eliminate ‘Em is proud to support you in enjoying these places with your family and customers, instead of with that squirrel or other unwanted entity. Call Eliminate ‘Em now at (866) 802-7378, and we’ll start solving your pest control and extermination problem today.