"The Best Service at the Right Price… TODAY!"
"The Best Service at the Right Price… TODAY!"

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    As home to one of Rhode Island’s state parks, Johnston likely has some wildlife nearby – but you shouldn’t expect to find those critters inside your home.

    When you’re spotting insects, raccoons, mice, and ticks in and outside your property, there’s a chance an infestation may already be happening. Whether living in your walls, in your attic, or around your yard, these pests end up causing thousands of dollars in damage, expose you and other family members to salmonella and other diseases, and could trigger allergies and asthma.

    Yet, most homeowners, in these early stages, think that all they need are some traps and spray to improve the issue. However, if your Johnston property’s already home to pests, you need to find out why and how they’re coming in.

    24-7 Pest Control in Johnston, RI

    That’s when you need to call Eliminate ‘Em. Servicing the entire state of Rhode Island, we’ll be there that same day to assess the situation and provide you with a solution. With us, you can expect:

    • Eco-friendly pest control completed with EPA-approved chemicals that won’t expose you and your pets to harsh ingredients.
    • More information about guarding your Johnston property against future infestations.
    • Sealing openings where pests could enter.
    • Removing any waste, and sanitizing your property.
    • Arriving in unmarked vans, at your request.
    • Discounts for seniors and the armed forces.

    Our approach and customer service have earned us an “A” rating in the Better Business Bureau. And, as part of our commitment to customers, we guarantee to remove pests the first time – or, you’ll receive your money back.

    In Johnston and the rest of Rhode Island, infestations are an ongoing issue. We handle such seasonal issues as:

    • Ticks
    • Termites
    • Carpenter bees
    • Ants
    • Mice
    • Rats
    • Squirrels
    • Raccoons

    Instead of trying to resolve the issue yourself, get the professionals involved. Whether you’re tired of the bites or are concerned about your home’s structure and your health, call us today at (866) 802-7378.