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"The Best Service at the Right Price… TODAY!"

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    The pests are gone and you have been given tips to prevent them from returning, including trash, yard and kitchen maintenance. Yet, improved habits may only go so far. Even when you try your hardest to change, the rodents, birds and bats return for food, shelter and a reliable place to stay.

    Before this happens to you, start working toward a permanent pest exclusion solution with Eliminate ‘Em. Along with cleaning up all pest-related waste and making improvements to your property, our team can install pest exclusion guards to key areas. The result? An all-natural, long-term blocker that creates a permanent barrier to keep wildlife out – no matter if they seek out small holes or burrow inside.

    How do our pest exclusion guards work?

    We Target the Underground

    Our three-part system starts with the underground areas of your home – the deck, basement, foundation, sheds and other low-lying areas you may forget about. Burrowing animals, including mice and rats, frequently target these spots, tunneling in before they attract others. To close off this pathway, our solution involves installing a permanent barrier to these areas, ultimately preventing rodents and similar pests from digging or crawling through and damaging these spots around your home.

    We Address the First Floor

    In many cases, once you spot one pest on the first floor of your home, a full-blown infestation is already underway. However, that’s not always the case. Plenty of critters get through cracks and holes around your windows, underneath your door and any openings between your foundation and the second floor. Our team takes a multi-pronged approach to target these areas:

    • We seal up all visible holes and gaps within this space. What could be attracting pests? Holes smaller than an inch wide are easy gateways for rodents and gaps around your window trim welcome insects of any size. Additionally, if the gap at the bottom of your door is not covered properly, this is another clear pathway for wildlife and insects to enter for shelter.
    • Considering pests that crawl through or go after your foundation – rodents, termites, etc. – we further seal off the area where your home’s primary structure and foundation meet.

    The Upper Floors & the Roof

    Your home’s upper area offers several pathways for pests to enter, including windows and branches touching your roof. Especially if they start nesting in your attic for the winter, there’s a chance you won’t notice them right away.

    For these reasons, the third part of our permanent pest control solution targets the upper areas of your home – prime entrance points for squirrels, bats and raccoons. Addressing this area, our team:

    • Replaces or seals off the soffit and fascia with a sturdy metal guard.
    • Checks for gaps and ridge vents where pests could easily pass through and seals them up.

    While homes generally experience similar pest control issues, not all houses have the same design and hazards. In response, we take a customized approach with each job, at the same time considering your history of pest issues. If the pests were recently removed and you’re now seeking a long-term solution, reach out to our team to discuss guards and other exclusion strategies.

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