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"The Best Service at the Right Price… TODAY!"

How Much Damage Do Carpenter Bees Cause?

bee_photo2Although carpenter bees are part of the ecosystem, their presence within your home can create serious damage over time. The initial signs might not be noticeable – and certainly aren’t enough to disturb the structure of your deck or overhangs – but with time, that changes. Also, carpenter bees often create a trail for other pests to enter, essentially exacerbating their seemingly-insignificant damage. If you have a bee problem, contact Eliminate ‘Em for same-day carpenter bee removal services! 

The Early Stages

These insects target solid wood, without paint or finish, or tree bark. When they come out of hibernation in spring, they start to build nests.

At first, the damage may seem minimal but multiple factors can transform the surface and interior:

  • A large number of bees continues to drill through the wood over many years.
  • The nests and tunnels built into the wood over this time begin to weaken the structure.

Not addressing the problem – which often requires a professional carpenter bee control – means the number of holes increases.

Secondary Damage

The holes themselves often seem like nothing more than cosmetic damage, but their presence invites more pests.

For one, the holes look like a clear sign that insects might be present. As a result, woodpeckers notice them and start searching for larvae. This alone makes the damage more apparent. Two, they turn into entrances for wood-decaying fungi and attract carpenter ants, who will then lay eggs inside the tunnels. These two aspects continue to degrade the wood’s strength and quality.

What Can You Do to Help Control the Need for Bee Nest Removal?

If you decide to address the problem on your own:

  • Make sure all holes are free of carpenter bee eggs. Otherwise, even if you seal them off, another infestation may result.
  • Assess all wood in and around your home to prevent carpenter bees from burrowing.
  • Cover all wood with a polyurethane- or oil-based paint and keep it coated. Weathered wood tends to attract pests of this variety.

When the problem becomes more than you can handle, work with a carpenter bee exterminator to remove the bees and repair the damage. If you’re located in Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island or Massachusetts, contact Eliminate ‘Em to speak with an experienced technician about your bee removal solutions.