"The Best Service at the Right Price… TODAY!"
"The Best Service at the Right Price… TODAY!"

How Should Your Business Deal With Commercial Pest Control?

For a business, pest infestations cost you time and money and may ruin your reputation – or close you down permanently. For companies of all sizes and types, rats, mice, cockroaches and ants may surface at some point. The key to keeping your doors open comes down to how you handle the issue. What can you do?

Inspect Your Property

Cockroach2Pests are a serious issue, as they can upset guests, threaten and contaminate food and make for an otherwise unpleasant work environment. Perform a cursory inspection to determine how pervasive the problem really is.

Then, once you have a general idea, make sure the area is sequestered off from employees, guests, customers and clients.

Work With a Pest Control Company

It’s imperative that you address the issue right away, rather than waiting or attempting to control it yourself with traps and sprays. At this point, get in contact with a pest control specialist. From there, a professional exterminator will come to your place of business, survey the property and rid it of the problem.

However, that’s not all. Along with the pest control experts, work to educate your employees about the infestation and make changes to prevent the problem from happening again. This could include:

  • Implementing new cleaning and organization procedures.
  • Reducing food and water sources.
  • Making sure you regularly remove all trash.
  • Ensuring all cracks in the windows and walls are fixed.
  • Making an effort to control all landscaping and clean the parking lot.
  • Monitoring the storage area.
  • Scheduling regular inspections.
  • Adding policies concerning food usage and storage in the office.

Have you noticed roaches, mice or rats inside your office building, store or restaurant? Start working toward a resolution today with Eliminate ‘Em. Our team offers 24-7 pest control services and can be there that same day to assess and clean up your property. To schedule an appointment, give us a call today.