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"The Best Service at the Right Price… TODAY!"

A Mouse in Your House? Doubt it’s Just One!

Do you have a mouse in your house? Chances are it’s probably not just one! These little critters are small but mighty. They can flourish in the coldest conditions but usually do that by moving into our homes.
Since mice are warm-blooded, they look for shelter from winter’s cold as soon as the weather starts to cool in the fall. Houses, barns or commercial buildings—anything that offers warmth and shelter will make a fine winter home. Mice search diligently until they find an opening. Any opening the size of your pinky finger is big enough for a mouse to gain entry. Any opening the size of your thumb a rat can join you! They can squeeze through tiny openings in foundations, ventilation stacks, or siding. Once they find their way in, they’ll scour for any food that they can find. Their sharp teeth can easily tear through packaging. They’re also dirty little things and leave trails of feces wherever they crawl. Wherever you notice (see) their black little rice sized feces, in at least twice as many areas is their unseen (detectable by black light) urine. It’s gross!

These little critters can sometimes scare the pants off of people who get a glimpse of them. If nothing is done about removing them, they will hunt for food in your house constantly to support their families. A female mouse can breed up to 10 times in her lifetime of 10-12 months and produce litters of 5-6 babies per litter. The result of a male and female mouse reproducing then continued by their offspring and their offsprings reproducing (follow that one…. can actually reach in the thousands! These ravenous creatures will search for grains—breakfast cereal, flour, oatmeal—or anything left out on the counter, unsealed or in a paper container (more nest material).

To encourage mice to settle elsewhere, you have to remove the welcome mat. Not literally, but there are ways to prevent them from entering your home. Caulking doors, windows, utility cable entries, and foundation cracks is a place to start. Finding the access points on upper floors of the house, too is essential. Mice can climb just about anything.

The good news is that the professionals at Eliminate’Em know exactly where to look for points of entry and how to remove the mice that have entered your home. It’s very important that you act immediately so that it doesn’t become a bigger problem, because it will.

If you have questions about mouse removal or need help removing them now, give us a call and we’ll ELIMINATE’EM ! 1-866-802-7378 (7378)