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7 Effective Tips to Deter Rabbits from Your Garden

While rabbits seem cute and cuddly, gardeners know the true nature of the fluffy bunny. Rabbits are voracious eaters, which means they can wreak havoc on home gardens filled with vegetables, flowers and even young trees in a matter of days. In fact, rabbits are one of the common critters to keep out of gardens due to the potential damage they may cause. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to keep rabbits at bay prior to engaging with your local pest and wildlife control team. To help find a natural way to deter rabbits from your garden, the following highlights common repellants. With any luck, you’ll find a few strategies that not only protect your garden but also coexist with the local rabbit population.

Tips to Deter Rabbits From Gardens

Gardening enthusiasts enjoy the process of nurturing and watching plants and vegetables thrive during the growing season. However, gardeners also know the frustration of protecting plants and vegetables from local wildlife, such as deer, possums, squirrels and yes, rabbits. Therefore, finding effective ways to deter rabbits from gardens becomes crucial. From natural deterrents to physical barriers, the following tips can protect your garden and keep rabbits at bay.

  1. Install Physical Barriers

Physical barriers, such as fences, are one of the most effective (and humane) ways to repel rabbits. However, it is important to build the proper type of fence. Fences that effectively deter rabbits are at least 2 feet high and are made from chicken wire or hardware cloth (with 1-inch mesh or smaller). An important aspect of installing any physical barrier to deter rabbits is to bury the fence at least 6 inches underground to prevent the rabbits from digging underneath it. Additionally, to protect individual plants, many gardening experts find plant cages or trunk protectors effective.

Finally, to maintain this method as a long-term strategy, then remember to regularly check the fencing for any gaps or weak spots that clever rabbits might exploit.

  1. Apply Repellent Sprays

Another effective strategy to deter rabbits is natural repellent spray. Many gardeners utilize homemade sprays, which generally consist of cayenne pepper, garlic powder, liquid soap, and water. Additionally, there are commercial options made from organic materials (to ensure safety around edible plants). Also, a repellent spray made from predator urine is also effective at deterring rabbits. Likewise, leveraging signs of other predators, such as letting the dog (or cat) scamper through the garden (or plant dog or cat hairs) will deter rabbits. For those pet-free, then look to trick the rabbits with dog or cat hair stuffed into a burlap page and place them around the garden.

Finally, remember to reapply repellents and scent deterrents, along with fake predator urine or hair,  after rain or heavy watering.

  1. Plant Rabbit-Resistant Vegetation

Similar to natural repellents, rabbit-resistant plants offer another effective and humane deterrent. For example, rabbits dislike plants such as marigolds, lantana, geraniums, salvia, and herbs like basil and mint. Additionally, strong-smelling herbs such as lavender, rosemary, sage, and mint are not only useful in the kitchen but also help keep rabbits away.

Finally, by strategically planting these around the perimeter of your garden or interspersing them with vulnerable plants, you can create a natural barrier against rabbit invasions.

  1. Remove Hiding & Nesting Places

As opposed to adding deterrents, another effective strategy to repel rabbits is removing hiding and nest places. For example, removing common areas of shelter like overrun brush or tall grass around the garden will help deter rabbits. It is noteworthy to keep in mind that rabbits prefer cover, so keeping the lawn mowed, removing brush piles, and trimming shrubs reduces those hiding places.

Likewise, rabbits tend to have larger litter (some more than 10 babies per litter), so removing the hiding places also removes nesting spots.

  1. Utilize Scare Tactics

Like keeping other common critters out of your garden, utilizing scare tactics helps deter rabbits as well. From visual deterrents that feature reflective objects to startling sounds, some scare tactics can work in conjunction with other methods. To help, common scare tactics include installing motion-activated sprinklers, incorporating reflective objects like old CS, aluminum pie plays, or planting ornaments that mimic predators, such as owl statues, which can also be effective. With sound-based scare tactics, then wind chimes or small bells can create an unsettling environment for rabbits.

Finally, it is important to change positions regularly because rabbits are intelligent creatures and can become accustomed to stationary objects over time.

  1. Create Alternative Food Sources

Another tip to deter rabbits from your garden is actually to attract them to another part of your yard. Some gardeners plant decoy or sacrificial plants in an area away from the main garden. When filled with plants rabbits love, like clover or lettuce, rabbits should avoid the primary garden.

  1. Local Pest & Wildlife Control

If rabbits are persistent and the more DIY methods have failed to repel them, then consider reaching out to a local pest and wildlife control team. Pest control companies can set humane traps, which are strategically placed near known rabbit paths or feeding areas, to capture the rabbits. Upon capture, the rabbits can be safely relocated to a suitable habitat away from the garden.

Finally, while rabbits aren’t necessarily dangerous, they can be tricky to deter. At Eliminate ‘Em, we have an experienced team of professional exterminators who are dedicated to safe and effective pest and wildlife control. Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we can even provide same-day service. We take a three-pronged approach to pest management, performing a full inspection, humane wildlife removal and thorough cleanup. We will seal all entry points to your property, remove all traces of a past animal presence and provide information to prevent another infestation. Get rid of wildlife for good with Eliminate ‘Em!

The most important thing to do when addressing a rabbit problem in your garden is to start early before rabbits deem your outdoor space a great place to hang out. Start small with the least invasive methods and after testing a few methods, you’ll find the most effective strategy to repel rabbits. What works for one person, home and garden may not work for the next, so staying flexible with your thinking is a must as well. Remember, persistence is key – rabbits are adaptable, so you may need to try different combinations of these methods to find what works best in your specific situation.