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"The Best Service at the Right Price… TODAY!"

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    Birds play a key role in our ecosystem, helping control insects, worms, fish and rodents. Yet, when one or more sneak into your home, you’re dealing with a high amount of noise, potential structural damage and exposure to diseases:

    • Birds may spread bacteria, including salmonella and E. Coli, that can cause food poisoning in humans. Having birds in your house may expose you and your pets to 60 different types of diseases and infections!
    • Bird droppings harbor fungal spores that may lead to histoplasmosis when someone is exposed. Structurally, droppings may stain your home’s siding, corrode paint and damage insulation.
    • While beautiful to observe, birds are like any wild creatures, carrying around fleas, ticks and mites. Once they’re in your home, their presence creates a secondary infestation.
    • Bird nests are not light. When you’re dealing with a serious infestation, their weight may cause part of the roof or attic to collapse. Also, the material used may clog your gutters, leading to ice dams and water damage. Should the birds be building nests in your chimney or heating ducts, you’ve got a fire hazard on your hands too.
    • Birds are known to cause wood damage. Even nesting in eaves affects the structure over time.

    Deterring Birds & Making Repairs

    Like bats, birds are a tricky pest to remove. Based on season and population, certain laws and ordinances need to be taken into account. For this reason, we have developed a multi-step process for removing the pests, cleaning up your home and developing a permanent pest control solution.

    Removing the Birds

    Our team begins by assessing your property and grounds for all signs of birds. In the process, we see how much damage they have caused, which helps us determine the best course of action. In the meantime, we begin collecting the birds – depending on the species – to gradually lessen the population in your home.


    Due to the potential hazards of a bird infestation, our team removes all droppings and nesting materials before disinfecting your home. We also assist with any related repairs, whether that’s removing damaged insulation and installing new material, cleaning stained siding, and repairing or replacing any damaged wood.

    Permanent Pest Control

    At this stage, your home seems to be good as new – but you have to consider the future. Mainly, preventing birds from returning to your property. In our assessment, we look at which factors attracted the birds to your home in the first place and how they were entering. Then, we install a permanent pest control system involving:

    • Chimney caps and dryer vent covers to block the birds from reentering and building nests.
    • Audio and visual deterrents, such as predator bird call boxes and netting.
    • Netting and spikes in common nesting and eating areas. This discourages birds from congregating and socializing on your roof. Meanwhile, netting keeps them away from fruit trees and your HVAC system.
    • Applying a gel or spray repellent.
    • Sealing up crevices and other openings with caulk.
    • Installing permanent pest guards to your home’s upper area.

    Did you recently have birds removed from your home, but you’re looking for a more permanent pest control solution? To learn more about what we offer, give us a call today at 866-802-7378.