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"The Best Service at the Right Price… TODAY!"

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    In the Northeast, your chances of running into a poisonous snake are small, but finding any species slithering through your garden can be unnerving. From the garden, the problem may spread into your basement – especially if you already have a mice infestation.

    Inside your home, snakes prefer cool, dark areas, such as your garage, crawl spaces, basements and sheds. While they won’t damage your house or your garden, snakes are known to spread salmonella bacteria and make your dwelling an overall unpleasant place to live.

    When it seems like there are too many snakes to control, it’s time to call the professionals to have them removed. Once they’re gone, how do you prevent them from returning?

    Snake Exclusion & Repairs

    The professional team at Eliminate ‘Em Pest Control Services has a multi-step process for keeping pests out for good. From removing the snakes to cleaning up the mess left behind, we offer a permanent pest control solution to keep snakes from returning.

    Keeping the Pests Out

    How do snakes enter your home? Much like other pests, they look for openings like a broken screen, gaps around pipes and any other holes to the interior. Especially in winter, your property offers warmth and a source of food.

    As the first line of defense, we assess your property for these aspects, before making a combination of the following improvements:

    • Installing permanent pest control guards to your home’s basement and main level.
    • Applying a snake repellent to your garden and yard.
    • Replacing broken window screens.
    • Sealing up gaps and holes that snakes can pass through.

    Cleaning Up Your Home

    Even after the snakes are gone, their presence still remains through urine and feces, which may jeopardize your health. In response, our team deodorizes and disinfects your property to get rid of this harmful residue and prevent the snakes from returning.

    Removing Sources of Food & Shelter

    What attracted snakes to your property in the first place? Generally, there are two sources. When it’s time to hibernate in winter, your home looks like a warm place to stay. Plus, if you’re already dealing with a few mice or insects, snakes have an easy food source. Along with these two factors, your property has several damp, dark areas, such as piles of lumber, old tires or loose rocks. Indoors, your basement and garage may have a combination of clutter and moisture, which gives snakes a quick way to hide.

    Our approach involves removing these sources by:

    • Trimming back grass, weeds and other foliage in the yard to get rid of hiding spots, foraging areas and potential food sources.
    • Giving you tips to create a cleaner living space.
    • Giving you strategies to discourage rodents – for instance, storing your food in sealed containers.
    • Installing snake-proof fences outdoors to prevent these pests from entering your yard.
    • Helping you stack firewood optimally, so that it won’t attract snakes.
    • Adding guards to your drain pipes.

    Once we’ve removed the snakes from your property, it’s time to proceed to the next step. To discuss a permanent pest control solution, give us a call today at 866-802-7378.