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"The Best Service at the Right Price… TODAY!"

Flea Extermination: A Preparation Guide

Incessant scratching, itchy red bites, little jumping bugs – the presence of any of these indicators may make you suspect that you have a pest problem, like a flea infestation. With 24/7 service on 365 days a year, Eliminate ‘Em’s flea extermination team can confirm the cause of your issue and quickly develop a treatment plan. Our professionals will also provide you with the necessary preparation steps, along with additional procedures to help ensure the safety of your human and pet family members and resolve the flea problem on your property.

Signs that a Flea Extermination May Be Needed

Since the signs of one pest can often be mistaken for signs of many other pests, contacting professional pest control providers is the best way to determine the source of any potential insect or animal problem as quickly as possible. Conducting the steps below may also help you determine if fleas are the intrusive culprits.

  1. Look for red bite marks or bumps that often appear as clusters of spots on people or pets.
  2. Assess changes in pet behavior including excessive scratching, biting or licking.
  3. Take a fine-toothed flea comb to your pet’s fur or hair over a white surface like a paper towel. If combing reveals tiny, dark jumping bugs that resemble miniscule grains of rice or small dark specks that look like ground black pepper or dirt, you have probably found fleas or flea dirt (flea feces). These signs may also be evident on a pet’s preferred bedding.
  4. Despite their minute size, you may also see brown or black fleas jumping around on rugs or furniture or white-ish flea eggs or larvae in those same locations, as well as pet bedding.

Dangers of a Flea Infestation

In addition to the difficulty and cost of their complete elimination, fleas also pose significant health dangers. They can transmit both diseases and parasites to humans, like murine typhus, and to pets, such as tapeworm. The excessive scratching provoked by flea bites may result in skin irritations, sores and additional bacterial skin infections, and flea saliva sometimes triggers even more severe allergic reactions. Pets may also develop flea allergy dermatitis which can lead to hair loss in addition to skin inflammation or even anemia in young puppies and kittens. Finally, for everyone experiencing the flea issue, the consistent feeling of stress and discomfort may further compromise mental, physical and emotional health.

How to Prepare for a Flea Extermination

Effective preparation helps to maximize the benefits of Eliminate ‘Em’s flea extermination services. Additionally, it is essential that pets be professionally treated for fleas, and that pet parents implement a pet flea program in conjunction with Eliminate ‘Em’s services to reduce the likelihood of any return or future flea infestations. Here are some additional action steps that may be recommended to help achieve the desired results of your flea extermination treatment:

  • Vacuuming protocols for floors and furniture, such as human and pet beds, sofas, etc.
  • Clutter clearing or discarding and specific cleaning treatments for washable items, like clothing, blankets and stuffed toys
  • A plan for evacuating humans and pets on the premises for the length of time specified by your Eliminate ‘Em technician
  • Daily vacuuming, cleaning, monitoring and other treatment recommendations while the pest control chemicals continue to their work

For more information about the responsibilities of the owner/occupant prior to the flea extermination treatment and post-treatment when working with Eliminate ‘Em, please review this document in addition to the guidance of your Eliminate ‘Em flea extermination team.

At Eliminate ‘Em, we know that experiencing fleas in your residential, commercial or industrial location can pose a significant challenge. Your participation in pre-and post-service care makes a significant impact upon achieving the optimal results. Please ask us any questions about your scheduled service or necessary preparations, as we want to ensure that you feel as comfortable as possible and receive the most effective care we can provide. For immediate flea extermination services, recommendations about other prevention strategies or additional pest control and wildlife removal services, contact your local Eliminate ‘Em team.