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How to Keep Bugs Away From Your Pool

As a pool owner, you know that there are specific pool protocols, like skimming and algae removal, that can be used to remove or deter water bugs from the pool itself. However, it’s also important to know how to keep bugs away from the pool area in general. To help manage the pool area, then working with a local pest control team, such as Eliminate ‘Em, can help control bugs, mosquitos, flies, bees and wasps. In addition, there are some other strategies that can help you keep these common summer bugs away from your pool this year!

Why do pools attract bugs?

In addition to the pool water itself, people, pets and assorted items like snacks and drinks often found in the surrounding area appeal to many different pests. They may also be interested in flowers and other plant life, as well as standing water in a nearby garden or trash stored around the corner from the pool itself. Even any lights in the area may interest unwanted pests. Additionally, pools and nearby areas that aren’t regularly cleaned may become breeding grounds for a variety of pests, like water boatmen, mayflies and mosquitoes. Pool parties, relaxed floats and poolside family picnics are meant to be fun, and knowing how to keep bugs away from pools can help ensure the maximum enjoyment of these activities!

How do I keep wasps and bees away from the pool?

The smell of pool water due to chlorine and other chemicals as well as guest odors can be of interest to bees and wasps. They are, of course, also attracted to any food sources that may be around like melting popsicles or those flower planters that have been used to spruce up the concrete around the pool. To limit exposure to these pests in the pool itself, keep beverages and snacks out of the pool, preferably inside a screened area or closable container. Opting for pest-repelling herbs in your planters, like mint, can serve in culinary applications after deterring pests during growth.

How can I repel flies from the pool area?

If you are looking to get rid of flies near the pool or elsewhere in your yard, here are three more strategies in addition to the above recommendations for deterring wasps and bees.

  • Hang sticky traps under tables or from the ceiling of a patio umbrella to catch flying insects and keep them away from guests, food and beverages.
  • Don’t waste that wine or other sweet beverage you didn’t finish. Put it in a container away from the pool, so as to entice insects to a more removed location. Don’t forget to dispose of it when pool time concludes!
  • Create a vinegar and dish soap concoction – a popular DIY method for avoiding the potential dangers that fruit flies can cause.

How do I keep mosquitoes away from the pool?

Like wasps, bees and flies, mosquitoes are one of the most common (and irritating!) summer bugs. They will pester swimmers and loungers alike, especially as pool chemicals may make their existing odor even more appealing. Pools without regular water circulation and cleaning may become spots for mosquitoes to lay their eggs. Stagnant kiddie pools or other standing water sources nearby, like bird baths or forgotten coolers, can also be sources of a growing mosquito infestation.

In terms of how to keep mosquitoes away from the pool, be mindful of these problematic features and remove or otherwise address them. Using a pool cover is another preventative measure and can also help reduce the number of water-logged bugs to clean out prior to that next swim. Additionally, keep grasses and bushes around the pool neatly trimmed, as mosquitoes tend to congregate there. Finally, in addition to citronella and mint, plants like marigolds and lavender can help deter these pests, according to Martha Stewart.

Why is it important to keep bugs out of the pool?

Yes, bugs interfere with the enjoyment of pool time. However, prioritizing how to keep bugs and other water-loving animals away from the pool is also a matter of safety. Intruding creatures, like flies and frogs, can quickly contaminate pool water, as well as poolside snacks and drinks, with bacteria like salmonella and E. coli. This exposure may lead to food poisoning or other illnesses. Furthermore, pests and wildlife can also carry a number of different diseases. For example, mosquito health dangers include the transmission of Zika and West Nile viruses that can impact humans and the heartworm parasite that can infect pets.

Whether you have a blow up pool for the kids or pups or an outdoor oasis featuring an in-ground pool, knowing how to keep bugs, like wasps, mosquitoes and others away from the pool is essential. The fully licensed and insured Eliminate ‘Em experts near you can provide preventative recommendations and treatments to help you make the most out of your pool in the months ahead! To schedule a pest inspection or emergency service, discuss mosquito treatment options or address any other pest and wildlife concerns, contact us to speak with a member of our professional team today.