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7 Common Types of Fall Pests

Many think, “Summer has passed, so the weather is too cold for ticks and other pests.” With fall, however, comes a new group of critters invading your home. If you think you’ve gone through the worst part of the year, think again, as the following may appear when temperatures drop:

Rats and Mice

MouseRodents appear in fall, but when you see just one scurrying through your home, there’s a good chance more are nearby. Rats and mice build nests within your home’s structure, and when you spot one, it’s a sign the space is becoming too crowded.

What harm can these pests do? For one, they’re known for spreading infectious diseases and often bring in fleas and ticks. Additionally, rats gnaw to keep their teeth down, and within your home, insulation and wires become their target.


bedbug2They might seem like a year-round problem, but bedbugs’ infestations tend to increase this time of year. Why? People congregate more at sporting events, while back-to-school season means traveling to go to college, staying in hotel rooms, and attending classes with 30 or more other students. The more people that are in an area, the greater the chances are of spreading bedbugs.


AntAlthough associated with summer, a few species stick around in fall, particularly house and carpenter ants. These pests, in turn, build tunnels and nests within your home’s structure, potentially damaging it, while they may additionally contaminate food for you and your pets.


cockroachThese common and fairly dangerous pests are known to spread as many as 33 types of bacteria and diseases, and may even trigger asthma and allergy attacks.

Fruit Flies

FruitFlyWhen produce is stored in the open, fruit flies have a greater chance of entering your home. Maggots may be inside the fruit or vegetables, and as soon as they mature, an infestation may develop.

Outside Insects

Insects that would have ordinarily stayed outdoors in the warmer months now enter your home when the temperature drops. In fall, these typically include:

  • Boxelder bugs
  • Stink bugs
  • Spiders
  • Crickets
  • Millipedes
  • Beetles


Fall sees these small critters feed on grass roots. You might not notice them at all, but their presence destroys the lawn below the surface. Too, they attract additional pests to your yard, including skunks and raccoons.

Be alert to these common pests now that fall is here. When you notice even just early signs of an infestation, contact Eliminate ‘Em about the problem. Our team is here 24/7 to address an immediate issue or to implement a long-term prevention plan.