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Where Do Mice Build Nests?

blog-mousenestThink your home might have a mice infestation? One of the most definitive signs is finding their nests within your home or around your property.

However, in some cases you might spot the rodents before you find their nests. If this happens to you, realize that the nest is probably nearby. Unlike rats, mice tend not to travel very far away from their homes and typically build them close to a food source.

So, where might you find a mouse nest?

General Locations

Mice create these structures out of shredded and woven fibrous materials, including paper, cardboard, burlap, fabric, string, and pillow stuffing, as well as materials from books, documents, and paintings. Once complete, it measures four to six inches in diameter.

In general, you’ll find these in the ground or a sheltered location, usually with droppings surrounding the area. Common locations include:

  • Basements
  • Garages
  • Personal spaces
  • Closets
  • Sheds
  • Appliances
  • Ceiling voids
  • Storage voids
  • Inside walls
  • In upholstery
  • In piles of debris
  • In vegetation
  • Under rocks

The spot is usually undisturbed and close to an area free of cobwebs. Typically, mice like to build their nests in the dark so consider the areas away from sunlight in your home first.

What Can Happen?

Discovering a mice infestation in your home can be a health concern, as their presence may be a sign that structural damage has occurred.

When creating the nests, mice tear off strips of materials from curtains, clothing and boxes before attacking your insulation. Once you’ve discovered the damage, repairing it may cost you thousands of dollars.
Along with these risks, mice making a home inside of appliances could chew through wires, leading to short circuits, malfunctioning appliances or a fire.

At the first sign of a mouse or a nest, get the professionals involved, rather than attempting to get rid of the problem yourself. Offering 24/7 pest control, Eliminate ‘Em is prepared for the challenge, no matter the day or time. Give us a call today.