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"The Best Service at the Right Price… TODAY!"

Post-Pest Control: Attic & Basement Restoration

cutting insulationRecently, an exterminator got rid of the mice, cleaned up the termites or removed the bats from your home. What’s left is a mess of torn insulation, droppings and bodily fluids, as well as excess moisture in your basement. In the midst of everything, you ask yourself, “How do I know the pests won’t return?”

Unfortunately, you don’t. However, you can take protective measures to drastically cut down on those chances and ensure your home stays pest free.

One key factor is attic and basement restoration, a process that entails:

  • Cleaning up all traces of the pests
  • Removing old, damaged insulation
  • Adding new, code-compliant insulation
  • Sealing up all holes, cracks and openings to the outside

Although you can do your part by eliminating bird feeders, keeping trash cans and food containers fully sealed and keeping inside moisture to a minimum, why do you also need our services?

Traces of the Pests Remain

Especially with rodents, feces and urine signal their presence and let others know how to get inside. The strong odor tells other mice, rats or squirrels that your attic or basement is an adequate source of shelter to build nests.

Bodily fluids, oils and hair accumulate around certain entry points, a small hole, an opening near the roof or a crevice near a window. Not only can a rodent sense your home offers shelter and food but by sense of smell alone, they can tell exactly where they need to enter to access it.

To combat this cycle, attic and basement restoration attempts to scrub out, sanitize and deodorize all signs that the mice, rats or squirrels were ever there. Our pest control team removes all urine-soaked insulation, vacuums up all debris and cleans, disinfects and deodorizes the whole area. In turn, aspects that would have attracted other pests to your home are neutralized.

Think About Your Health

An issue for rodents, raccoons, birds and bats, pests expose you to a host of harmful diseases. Think about it: You might have a rabies-infected raccoon in your attic, mice and rats carrying Typhoid or Hantavirus in your walls, or bats carrying lung-infecting histoplasmosis living right above you.

Just because the pests are gone, that doesn’t mean the risks of exposure are eliminated. Rather, debris and particles containing their hair, urine, feces and saliva often spread through your home, via air ducts and crawlspaces. As such, this risk remains until every particle gets cleaned up.

Attic and basement restoration further factors in these exposure risks. In the process of disinfecting and sanitizing your property, Eliminate ‘Em safely removes these potentially harmful particles, greatly reducing your risks in response. At the same time, if you believe you have been exposed through a bite or droppings, reach out to a medical professional for further assistance.

It Reduces Factors That Attract Pests

Ask yourself this question: Why my home and not someone else’s? Often, certain factors attract pests to your basement or attic. These include moisture, found in the basement or bathroom area, or a tree branch that extends right to your roof. Your home might also have small holes and crevices that make it easy for pests to enter. Keep in mind, all mice need is a hole the size of a dime to pass through.

Restoration services factor in these visible and less-visible pathways, which can often be missed by the human eye. In the process, we scan your home’s exterior or around the attic, basement and ground floor for any pathways and seal them up with a material that won’t be easily chewed through or removed. Also, aspects like shrubbery and tree branches may be trimmed back to remove the routes animals may use to gain access to your home.

It Restores Energy Efficiency

Increased heating and cooling bills can be a sure sign you’re dealing with a rodent infestation. Even if you can’t see them, rats, mice and squirrels wreak havoc on your insulation:

  • Tearing it apart for nests
  • Tunneling through it
  • Damaging it as they gnaw on wires and pipes
  • Soiling it with their urine and other bodily fluids

This compressed, torn-up insulation no longer performs up-to-par, causing you to turn up the heater or air conditioner.

Attic and basement restorations involve more than removing the damaged materials and sanitizing the area. Rather, the goal is to get your home back to its pre-infestation state. As such, once the damaged insulation and vapor barrier are stripped out, Eliminate ‘Em inspects and repairs any damaged wires and pipes and installs new materials in place, ensuring everything is code compliant and performing well.

Once the rodents, bats or insects are gone, the journey to a pest-free home is not completely over. To learn more about our attic and basement restoration services, give us a call today at 866-802-7378.