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"The Best Service at the Right Price… TODAY!"

What Damage Can Rodents Do to Your Home?

white mouseWhile no one wants to find mice, rats or other rodents in their home, many underestimate the damage they can create. One serious concern about rodent infestations is the diseases these creatures can spread to your family and pets. These seemingly small creatures – all of which can breed and multiply quickly – may cause more damage than you think.

Beyond the potential health risks, what else should you know?

1. Chewing and Gnawing

Mice, rats and squirrels all need to regularly chew, as their teeth never stop growing. They will also chew, claw and tear at materials needed to build their nests. As a result of this behavior:

  • Materials from paper and cloth to wood may start to show small bite marks.
  • Books and other paperwork may be destroyed.
  • They may chew and burrow into your furniture or car.
  • Chewed wires could cut off your power supply or cause an electrical fire.
  • They’ll burrow, make homes and tear off materials for nests in the insulation of your walls and attic. Over time, this constant damage makes your insulation less effective and can increase your heating and cooling costs as a result.
  • Heirlooms, high-priced items and artwork in your home could be destroyed.
  • The incisors on large rodents are strong enough to chew through sheetrock. As a result, they’ll create holes in the roof, attic, chimney and crawl spaces or go after your foundation.

2. Building Nests

In addition to chewing, mice can build their nests almost anywhere –appliances, vehicles, air ducts and more. This infestation can result in:

  • Reduced appliance efficiency.
  • Permanent damage to your vehicle or equipment.
  • Fire risks.
  • Exposure to their hazardous germs through the air.

3. Bodily Waste

All species of rodents leave behind a trail of urine and feces. By nature, this sign lets other rodents know this dwelling is safe and creates a scent trail. Yet for you, it leads to widespread contamination across your house, especially if the rodents have gotten into pet food. As a result, their bodily waste – even the hair they shed – exposes you to germs and a host of other diseases.

4. Eating Your Food

It’s said that mice eat up to three grams of food per day. However, they end up destroying more than they consume in the process. In fact, between actual consumption, tearing open packages and leaving behind bodily waste, they damage about 10 times as much food as they actually eat. As such, food saved for yourself and your pets can no longer be consumed.

Unfortunately, their habits extend beyond dry goods. When you have a garden or small plot in your yard, rodents may dig up and feed on whatever you’ve planted, even before you’ve harvested it.

Whether you’ve got mice burrowing holes, rats taking over your home or squirrels in the attic, these pests must be removed. As your first line of defense, work with Eliminate ‘Em’s professional exterminators. To make an appointment, call us today at 1-866-802-7378.