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"The Best Service at the Right Price… TODAY!"

Connecticut Spiders

It’s easy to identify a spider. That is, it’s easy to know that an eight-legged visitor is a spider. But knowing which ones are dangerous and which ones are not can be a challenge. It can be important, even life-saving, to know what kind of spider you have when you encounter one. In the US, the danger from a spider bite is minimal. Very few spiders are venomous, though some may cause significant pain with a bite. We’ve covered the dangers of the Northern Black Widow, but other spiders can be found across the state.

Cross Orbweaver

The cross orbweaver is common across northern regions of North America, and can often be found sitting head-down in its large and round web. This spider is often shades of brown, tan or yellow, with white dashes and dots. Its legs are thick and very spiny. The cross orbweaver is one of one of the most common spiders found in New England.

American House Spider

Imagine a Halloween-fueled nightmare: a spider web, tangled and messy. This type of web is the hallmark of an American House Spider. Related to the Black Widow, but not a threat to humans, this spider prefers the corners of attics and other hiding spaces to interacting with humans.

Wolf Spider

It’s not uncommon to see these outdoor-dwellers enter homes during colder months in search of warmth and shelter. Wolf spiders are active hunters – they seek out prey instead of building webs to trap it.

While these spiders do not pose the threat of a Black Widow, you may be uncomfortable with their presence in your home. Eliminate ‘Em offers 24-hour, 7-day-a-week service to help you rid your home of spiders and other pests. Call us today at 1-866-802-7378.