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You May Be Surprised… There Really are Dangerous Spiders in Connecticut

Even if you’ve lived in Connecticut your whole life you may find this information interesting. We really do have some pretty scary spiders here in New England. To some people,they’re no big deal, but for others these spiders, whether dangerously poisonous or simply menacing in appearance, could really mean crippling fear. It’s really not a bad idea for anyone to exercise caution with dealing with any spider.

Northern Black Widow Spider

One spider that you may find here, even though it is rare, is the Northern Black Widow. The females are the ones who have a venomous bite. Although this poisonous species prefers the safety of their web to human contact, they will attack with deadly force if provoked. Bite victims should seek medical attention right away. The males of the species are harmless and oftentimes smaller.

The Northern Black Widow spiders have a distinct appearance. They are glossy jet-black and marked with a bright-red hourglass marking on the underside of their abdomen. They may also have a line of red dots on its abdomen, with white rib-like stripes along the side of the abdomen. A female Northern Black Widow can be about 0.12 to 0.39 inches.

The Northern Black Widow is found throughout the eastern United States, including Connecticut. While their territory overlaps that of the equally venomous Southern Black Widow spider, Connecticut is home to only the northern species. More specifically, the Black Widow will often build its nest in dark corners where it is protected from the elements. Webs can be found under rocks, logs or lawn furniture, and in corners of sheds, garages and barns.

Grounded Spiders

The only other spiders that really should be on the CAUTION LIST are the wolf spider and the parson spider. They are considered Non-Lethal Biting Spiders. The wolf spider is rather large and intimidating, but its bite is more painful than harmful. Wolf spiders typically burrow underground and only come out at night to hunt, which makes it easy for humans to avoid these hairy arachnids. The parson is another grounded spider that can be recognized by the unique pattern of brown and black on his abdomen. If handled by a human, the parson spider will strike out and bite but this will only result in an allergic reaction similar to the bump left by a mosquito bite. The jumping spider is actually curious and often friendly with humans, but they will bite if handled roughly. This species is identified by a pattern of tan, white, black and gray on the body and legs.

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