"The Best Service at the Right Price… TODAY!"
"The Best Service at the Right Price… TODAY!"

All About Termite Control & Inspection Services

Searching for “termite companies near me” often happens once termites have already arrived. Instead of hoping that you’ll never see any potential termite signs or waiting until termite damage becomes severe, take back control of your home and well-being by scheduling a termite inspection today. With the help of Eliminate ‘Em’s termite prevention and extermination experts, a termite inspection can help you protect your property from termites or swiftly solve any current termite problems. Learn more about the benefits of termite inspections below!

3 Benefits of Professional Termite Control

Termite inspections are proactive and preventative measures to help you protect your property and your loved ones. Here are 3 reasons that regular termite inspections are so important:

BENEFIT 1 – Stress management: Termites, as well as other pests and wildlife intruders, are one of the foremost and frequent worries of any home or business owner. Routine termite inspections or scheduled termite control measures contribute to one’s peace of mind, as these services help provide the reassurance that all of the necessary steps are being taken to guard against termites.

BENEFIT 2 – Damage prevention: The sooner a termite problem is discovered the better it is for the structure of your building and your wallet. Termites themselves often go unseen, and substantial damage can occur before people even realize that they have a termite problem. Repairing termite damage, especially for well-established termite colonies, can quickly become costly and time-consuming. With ongoing termite inspections, property owners will be able to deal with any existing termites swiftly and effectively before they can wreak havoc on your house.

BENEFIT 3 – Expert evaluation: Vigilance in looking for signs of termites, cockroaches and other unfortunate pests is helpful in protecting your home against an invasion. These common questions about termites may be useful in this effort. However, professional termite control providers like those on our team at Eliminate ‘Em have more extensive training and experience in performing inspection services. Consequently, they may see signs of termite activity that may have been confused with indications of carpenter ants or discover features in your house or in your yard that may actually be attracting termites.

Frequency of Termite Inspections

With these vital benefits of termite inspections in mind, you may be wondering how often a termite company near you should be conducting them. The best way to determine your termite inspection schedule is to consult with an experienced termite control provider, as they will be able to provide recommendations specific to your property’s individual circumstances. For some locations, an annual inspection may be sufficient. However, industrial, residential and commercial properties in areas that are more susceptible to termite activity may require more frequent inspections. For example, buildings in warmer climates, predominantly wood constructions or areas with a history of termite presence may need inspections on a more regular basis.

Preparing for a Termite Inspection

While specific preparations may not be required by the termite control experts in your area, your initiative in conducting these tasks prior to a termite inspection are helpful to this assessment process. Additionally, completing one or more of the following pre-termite inspection tasks may simultaneously remove a few items that were already on your existing home maintenance checklist!

  • Clear the clutter! Have you been meaning to clean out the attic, basement or crawl space? An impending termite inspection may be just the motivation you need to empty some of those boxes or remove any items that are no longer in use. Even if you aren’t able to complete any clean outs in full, simply moving storage containers away from walls and corners can provide a clearer view of potential termite hiding spots or existing termite damage.
  • Do some pruning (of unnecessary objects and plant life)! If accumulated yard items or planters make the foundation of the house inaccessible, move them or take the opportunity to do some landscape redesign. Shrubs, bushes and trees benefit from their own routine trimming, so consider using the inspection timing as yet another reason to complete this task now, especially for any vegetation that is near the house. In short, make sure that the termite inspection professionals can access your building from foundation to attic, as well as any available entry points.
  • Share information about any termite signs you may have noticed, areas of pest concern or previous termite control details. Your observations may provide your termite inspection team with assessment starting points or opportunities to recommend preventative care. Knowing what inspections or treatments have occurred or which repairs were made after previous damage may also help professionals determine if there is a structural issue to address or an adjustment to be made in terms of the intended termite control plan.


A termite inspection is an essential part of property maintenance, and our locally-run Eliminate ‘Em termite control professionals are here to help. With service across New England including communities in Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York, Eliminate ‘Em is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to provide termite inspections, termite extermination and many other pest and wildlife control services. Take control of termite worries today by contacting Eliminate ‘Em!